The Best National Broadband Network Providers

The National Broadband Network Australia provides an efficient and cost-friendly system to its consumers. It shows a remarkable performance that makes customers satisfied since it has helped them have a more productive day, which eventually helps individuals become motivated to accomplish tasks. Also, it helps customers have a new outlook about Internet services since the NBN has eased the difficulty a consumer has been facing with its top-notch system.

Some certain NBN plans or packages are perfect for you and it is best if you are knowledgeable about how it works so you can save money and become a wise customer at the same time. Plans and packages work best depending on your region since it must be compatible with the area where you are designated to use them. Do not fret because here is the list of the best NBN plans from various brands that will help you develop and establish not only your professional journey but your physical, mental, and financial well-being as well.

1. Belong

A Telstra owned company, Belong has the most articulate and easy-to-understand plan services for its consumers because of its straightforward ideas that help people create a faster decision whether to acquire the service or not without twisting and bombarding their minds with too much information. Their standard plans contain 40mbps and on the other hand, their premium services contain 80mbps. This Internet provider also offers sim cards that you can use by inserting through your phone and having an Internet connection while you are on-the-go thus, this is best for people who are always busy and travelling for time to time. With Belong, you will be able to experience a Telstra-like system without worrying that you might not pay for your monthly dues because of its expensive price.

2. My Republic

This telecommunication company originally started in the Asia Pacific and was later on established in Australia in 2016. They were first to showcase their fine and super fast quality Internet in Singapore. My Republic believes that the people of today do not only watch movies through their phones or hard drives rather, because of the advancements of technology, but individuals can also finally watch straight from their televisions and, buffering while in the middle of an action is the worst thing that can happen if this occurs. Therefore, this company aims to provide a buffer-less watching experience to its customers with their super fast plans. Their unlimited super-fast packages contain 250/25 Mbps, this is best for streamers and games since it can show 4k quality for videos. Also, for their standard plans customers can choose whether they want to apply for a 25/5 Mbps plan, 50/20 Mbps plan or, 100/20 Mbps plan depending on what suits your household’s needs.

3. Tangerine

With its great marketing strategy, people are encouraged to inquire about what tangerine is because of their curiosity about how it works in the business industry. Despite being new to the field, tangerine has been awarded and commended with the Whilst Award 2020 for three times since they have been performing well in serving the locals a quality Internet connection service. Their plans start from having the speed of 25 Mbps up to a speed of 83 Mbps at an affordable price which indicates that these NBN plans are perfect for students and starting business owners since this would not cost a lot for a quality service compared to other broadband plans.

4. TPG

TPG is part of one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Australia which is Telecom Limited Group of Companies. They offer an extremely fast Internet speed service with their fibre premium feature that helps establishment, small enterprises, government facilities and, even households to experience a fine Internet service without the worry that interruption may occur in the middle of the work. Also, TPG has been awarded as the most reliable and cost-efficient service provider for customers across the area. Their standard plan, NBN50, contains 46 Mbps speed which is indeed an extremely fast Internet because it indicates that you do not have to acquire the premium plan, NBN100, which contains 80 Mbps speed if they want to save money since the standard plan alone is already a great deal.


Indeed, there are tons of Internet service providers across the globe. And for you to maximise and utilise its service, you must be able to distinguish and identify its differences, how the system works in your area, and if it is effective for you,  your work field, and the amount of workload that you have. With that in mind, you can save money and establish a quality business to sustain your living at the same time. Remember to be a smart consumer as well, and never be deceived by the luring marketing strategies these companies show and stay knowledgeable.

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