The Best Technology For Managing A Remote Team

For some organizations, shifting the whole operational infrastructure to a remote environment is not less than a nightmare. There exists a variety of fears and challenges that become difficult to handle when staff is working from home. However, now the time demands the fully remote operation environment that could help businesses survive amid the hard times of pandemic crisis. The lockdown situation all across the globe calls out for strong measures that help organizations ensure the same pace of growth with managed IT services and increasing revenue when teams are working remotely.

Taking into consideration the duties and responsibilities of each member of the team, if a roadmap for growth is defined, working remotely is no more difficult. All you need to do is employ the power of technology to the extent you can and make processes and workflow streamlined. There should have a proper schedule, strong IT support, and discipline maintained by the team leaders and managers to make sure that business grows exponentially even when the team is working remotely.

This article gives a comprehensive overview of the technologies and tools that a business can employ to work seamlessly in a remote working environment.

1. Quickbooks

This tool is suitable for the finance department of the organization that gives a variety of options and capabilities to manage the accounting processes in a very efficient manner. It offers multiple tools that help you track sales, investments, accounts management, as well as expenses very easily. It helps you generate the reports for the profit and loss analysis and determine the unpaid invoices. It gives businesses the option to get connected to the bank accounts of businesses or any payment method that ultimately tracks the transactions that help you keep accounts-related processes smooth.

2. G Suite

When it comes to data and content management, we lookout for tools that give you easy sharing and collaboration options. From word documents to excel and PowerPoint, the G suite gives a full-fledged solution to businesses to manage their content online easily. It gives a variety of productivity apps that help businesses ensure secure yet reliable access to documents. The remote employees can store and share the documents very easily among the team members. This allows the team to view and update the documents anywhere anytime. 

3. Asana

When it comes to task management, it is very difficult to assign and monitor the productivity of employees when there is no management. Asana is a task management tool that allows you to assign the tasks to the employees, give a deadline, assign priority and ultimately monitor them. With a to-do list, the employees will also know the task for the data and work could be done very easily.

4. Zoom

Communication and collaboration are key to ensure the success of the business with all employees remotely. Communication should be seamless without any interruption that allows every member of the team to be on the same page and aware of the tasks done by the other member. This makes collaboration easy and results will be delivered soon with the tech support guy. Zoom serves as a seamless communication channel that allows remote workers to conduct regular voice and video calls and share the screens with others on call to give presentations and discuss the work. From one on one meetings to stand-ups, the tea leaders can easily conduct sessions to take updates from managed IT services in Los Angeles or the whole team in a remote environment.

5. Trello

From collaboration to task management, Trello serves as a data management tool that allows teams to get their tasks all aligned on the boards, organize and prioritize the tasks very effectively. It allows teams to automate certain tasks and increase productivity at work. Moreover, the team leaders and managers could easily monitor and track the performance of each employee by determining the tasks done by nature and the number of tasks done by each member.

6. Kissflow

Kissflow is a consolidated digital workplace that acts as a project management platform. It allows the managers and team leaders to optimize, manage and track the work in a unified place very easily. It also allows you to integrate useful apps and tools that help you with increased productivity at work. It allows you to take advantage of other online apps and third-party tools that ultimately help you ensure a streamlined approach towards the management of all the departments of the organization. From human resources to team management and account management to marketing campaigns, all the data can be accessed easily with a 360-degree view.

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