The effects of substance use disorder

In life when you feel stressed and experience insecurities and are not sure how to cope with these negative emotions you try to find an easy way out which is drugs. It is primarily called an easy way out because one does not choose to seek therapy through counselling or communicating.  Reflecting and gaining an insight is harder than just consuming drugs and numbing oneself. But the numbing is only temporary and the drug brings with itself its own anxieties and worries which the person is never ready to deal with. Most of these substances are illegal too but when you turn to them for the wrong reasons, in company of drug addicts or to numb your pain you soon find yourself in a position from which it is impossible to leave without external help.

The Temporary Pleasure Addicts Yearn for

When hard core drugs are consumed such as cocaine, heroin or methamphetamines, they trigger the part of the brain which gives you instant pleasure. Marijuana which is illegal is also addictive but the detrimental effects of it has not been fully discovered. People consume the substance over and over again to achieve the same feeling of high. This becomes the new normal for these people and they crave to remain in that state whenever it is mitigated. It is important to seek help before one gets addictive because once the drug takes control of you, it will take you a long time before you can come back to your original track in life.  This is because the detrimental effects of drugs or alcohol addiction are severe. They also vary from person to person depending on the type of drug, the dosage, the level of intensity and how long have they been abusing the drug. For this temporary pleasure people‚Äôs lives are greatly effected negatively. Their relationship with family and friends is deteriorated. They miss school, social events and miss out on life in whole because they are unable to resist the craving for the drug. It becomes dangerous if they consume it before driving and because their sense of perception is distorted it could lead to a lethal accident.

Seeking help is Mandatory

If friends and family have started noticing the odd routines of the individuals, how he is always absent and why he is always asking for money then the individual must be confronted at once.  Peers should help the individual get in touch with a detox centre without any delay. The health care provider will do a thorough examinations and medical history. He will also ask questions about your addiction and if you are suffering from any mental health condition. Before signing up for a treatment plan, you can have an in depth discussion with your health professional about the detox procedure and how they can devise a customised plan for you.  As it can be extremely expensive, you can find a detox centre which is in network with insurance policy. In a detox centre drugs are cleaned from your body gradually so the body can adopt to the changing of it normal state. Your heartbeat and blood pressure is monitored to ensure your safety. They also use medical prescriptions if there is a need to. Talk therapy and support groups are also present in a detox centre for the prevention of a relapse. You can also talk with your therapist about a future plan to make sure you stay sober. It will include hanging out with sober friends and avoiding places where you used to get high. Drug rehab orange county offers services for drug and alcohol addiction.