elon musk hyperloop

The Chairman of Tesla Motors and SpaceX is now working on a new transportation system called the Hyperloop

Transportation can be a pain and when time is of the essence, even relatively fast flights are annoying between the travel time, delays, and enormous fees.  The innovative mind of Elon Musk who created both SpaceX (one of the first private Space exploration companies) and Tesla Motors, has come up with a new way of moving people around, called the Hyperloop.

elon musk hyperloop

What is the Hyperloop?

From what we know so far, the Hyperloop is meant to be an even more efficient transportation system than bullet trains.  It will be completely crash-proof and unaffected by any sort of inclement weather, meaning that the system will either be underground or enclosed in a set of tubes.

The actual design of the Hyperloop has yet to be released but Musk has said that it will be a cross between a “rail gun, Concorde, and air hockey table.”  Many suggest that this means the Hyperloop will be shot along a “river” of air which would allow for extremely fast speeds of at least 700 miles per hour.

Elon Musk is looking directly at implementing the Hyperloop in California, with the first line running between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Travel time from LA to SF would normally take hours but when using the Hyperloop the trip would take just 30 minutes.

Very Convenient, Amazing Price

Not only would this method of travel be very fast but it would also be immensely convenient.  The Hyperloop would leave right when you arrive to avoid any waiting time (assuming there is on one in line.)

California is currently looking to build a much slower high-speed rail system which would cost $60 billion instead of just $6 billion for the Hyperloop.  Hopefully the state will be able to hold out and maybe adopt the Hyperloop rather than build a system that is already not top of the line.

More details regarding the Hyperloop Alpha design will be coming out on August 12th, at which point Elon Musk will be asking for critical feedback, according to his tweet earlier today.




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