The Importance of Influencer Marketing in Gaming

The internet is a fascinating place that is always in a state of flux. What was considered to be popular or useful a few years ago may not be the case now. We have seen the rise of fall of popular websites over the years such as Groupon and Orkut. The same can be said for certain marketing strategies. Email marketing was always considered a cornerstone of marketing but with new data laws coming into especially in countries such as U.K it has become increasingly difficult to utilise it as an effective marketing tool. However, this has given rise to another form of marketing known as influencer.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing involves the use of key leaders in a particular field that have an impact on the audience. These key leaders are referred to as influencers and are being used to promote across a number of different industries. Brands have been used to shelling out tons of money on billboard, tv, print or magazine advertising but now it seems they have had to add another channel into their marketing mix. This new channel is extremely important as consumers have become savvy over the years and have learnt to tune out the more traditional marketing channels. How often do we see a display banner on an SEO site only for us to completely ignore it. Influencer marketing fits in nicely as it does not scream for the audience’s attention. It relies on a more subtle approach by telling the audience it has something they might be interested in. This means that consumers get promotional messages from key leaders in the field usually with the facts and figures associated with the brand or service they are pitching.

Use of Influencer Marketing in Gaming

The gaming industry is one such industry where influencer marketing is thriving. Brands such as casinodays are using influencers to effectively promote their gambling brand in India. This is highly effective as gambling in India is still illegal and influencers are able to get around this loophole and promote the brand via their dedicated channel be it Instagram or Youtube.