Android News: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Blocked in the Courts

Google was having a very good week, having announced and demo’d Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” running on two new and highly attractive Galaxy Nexus 7 devices — fandroids were impressed. But the good news came to a screeching halt on Friday when Judge Julie Koh granted an Apple request for an injunction.

For the last week, Google and its I/O developer conference have owned the news cycle due in no small part to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first (and perhaps only) to offer the promise of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, writes Mashable.

Whereas Google has been handing out the attractive smartphone free to developers, civilians won’t be able to purchase the device following an injunction from US District Court Judge Julie Koh.

Apple Responds to Koh’s Ruling

“It’s no coincidence that Samsung’s latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad, from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging,” Apple said in a statement. “As we’ve said many times before, we need to protect Apple’s intellectual property when companies steal our ideas.”

This isn’t the first time Apple has won injunctions blocking the sale of Android smartphones and tablets. However, this time around the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first ever Jelly Bean smartphone and one of the primary issues cited by Judge Koh, related to Apple’s Siri digital assistant, is specific to Android 4.1.

That said, at least for the time being, the injunction effectively quashes Jelly Bean — whatever advantage Google’s latest Android update would have conferred has been put on ice. Further, the hardware template from the platform’s best selling licensee has been effectively shelved, double damage.

Of course, Apple will get endless grief for being litigious. Yet how can it be “OK” for Google, Samsung et al to so blatantly copy the iPhone and iOS…

What’s your take?

  1. Rotten apple. Ridiculous suit that only this idiot American judge can give to Apple. Maybe Ford should sue car manufacturers that make cars with 4 wheels. 

  2. I’d rather apple just not make any devices and not invent anything than what they are doing trying to stop others.

  3. As the saying goes, ‘One rotten apple spoils the whole lot!’ Wouldn’t it be better if it had been, ‘One golden apple emboldens the whole lot!’

  4. Did I hear you right copy apple, have you seen or used an iOS4, 5, or 6 device lately. Or did you know Apple has been found infringing on several Motorola, HTC, and Samsung patents as well. But were the hell is there injunction. Why aren’t they being sued for drop down notifications but Samsung and HTC are being sued for slide to unlock. Why hasn’t vlingo sued Siri. You are Ronaldcarlson are a horrible biased journalist.

  5. I suppose the injunction only applies to the US.  Meanwhile, us folks here in Asia are going to get the goods soon.  Don’t worry, we’ll post pics and tell you how great it is.

  6. If there was no protection for pioneers there would be much less pioneering.  Bottom line no one can argue that, the many people at Apple, did not pioneer and bring together something that changed the status quo (in a substantial way).  Dumbing down or even minimizing what the people at Apple have pioneered is unbecoming to those who participate in this.  The Samsung people have also  pioneered, but, the patenting rules are there for a purpose and without judges enforcing these rules, we would live in a land of little innovation.

  7. So in this law suit, apple accused Google of copying? their slide to unlock, hyperlink, autocorrection, voice input search patents. Next, Apple plans to sue washroom doors, the internet, microsoft word, and Alexander Graham Bell. 

  8. Depending on which country you’re in you might be able to. If you’re in China I wouldn’t count on being able to tell us how great anything is.

  9. I’m a lifetime Iphone user who just got a galaxy s3. I’m in heaven – this phone is amazing and you should forget the nexus and get the s3. I’m ashamed of apples behavior but it seems its not the only company playing god with patents. Consumers are the losers here.

  10. Right! If Fords name was Apple they probably would even though Ford only
    invented the assembly line. Cars were first built in Europe.

  11.  Now that we have a world without Gates why doesn’t Apple
    pull finger out of you know where & get on with building quality products
    & stop suing everyone. A phone is a phone is a phone. My Pocket PC had a
    touch screen; Voice, Win media player etc. 8 or 9 years ago (admit a lot slower).
    Apple stole the GUI from Xerox then sued Microsoft when they used it in Windows
    (which they lost after spending millions) they have never stopped since
    (stealing & suing) ha. PS my Galaxy 3 is the best phone I have ever owned
    (they came out here in New Zealand 4 or 5 weeks ago)

  12. Because IDEAS aren’t patentable, only IMPLEMENTATIONS of ideas. Apple steals ideas, Samsung steals implementations.  Only if you paint with A VERY WIDE BRUSH can you view these things as “the same”.

  13. “Stole the GUI” is a very popular myth. 

    1) There were GUIs before Xerox.  Xerox invented the BITMAPPED GUI.  

    2) Apple took the idea (not patentable) and came up with an ORIGINAL IMPLEMENTATION (very patentable) 

    3) Apple PAID XEROX (the opposite of theft) for things like the pointer, etc. 

    4) Apple hired away the engineers. 

    THEN Microsoft paid Xerox for the same parts Apple paid for… and took Apple’s design (at the time not patentable, but is now) and even some Apple code (not copywritable at the time, but is now) and began the “wide brush” story that “the guy” (as if there is only one possible design) came from Xerox (which is did not.  It did not use a desktop metaphor [files, folders, trash can, etc.] instead used a “Microsoft Bob”-like “room” metaphor.) 

    They sued, but because the law didn’t cover software IP yet, lost.  They then sued for stealing the “look and feel” (aka “design”) and it dragged on and Apple lost because Microsoft ended up paying Apple for the use of them 8 years after the suit started.

    …but go ahead and keep repeating the MS-company line.  Facts mean nothing. 

  14. Things Apple actually stole form MS: 
    1) The “Help” menu.  (Early PCs had help buttons on the keyboard) 

    2) Alt-Tab –  Total theft of implementation. Totally got away with it. 

    3) Scroll wheel.  – Before either Apple or MS, mice had THREE buttons.  Apple went with one, MS with two.   But MS invented the scroll wheel and it was stolen by EVERYONE. 

  15.  On what basis are you making the claim the patent law is correlated with more pioneering? You say “no one can argue that,” so I assume you have a link to a research article that offers evidence for such an outlandish claim.

    Personally I think patent law has more to do with capitalism and less to do with R&D itself, as such.

  16. Basicly Apple put on their “Hator” hat and Also reached out in their Deep azz pocket to buy their way out of “TRUE” competition that GOOGLE’s FANTASTIC Engineers is Slapping them with. I hate Apple so much, I don’t even Eat the FRUIT:)

  17. Unfortunately this kind of aggressive IP protection means that the best features of both platforms are prevented from filtering across to the other. I own Apple products, but I’d be the first to admit that Android has a whole bunch of features I’d love to see in iOS – especially after what we’ve seen from Jelly Bean so far. 

  18. Apple is a “cry baby” company too scared and too insecure to compete in a healthy manner! Good thing is Apple will come to an end within the next 2 – 3 years as users become more intelligent and aware of superior and more productive technologies aka Google 😀

  19. I’d give them a copyright on the phrase “Slide to Unlock” but otherwise it’s as absurd as having a patent on a “Start” button.. or Tabs in a browser….

    The judge is clearly an Apple hoor and probably has a house just loaded with iCrap.

    Time for a petition.. (or a Twitition…)

  20. So much for my VZW Galaxy Nexus OS software upgrades. I paid a lot (so I thought) for this amazing device. It’s really more of a computer than a phone… and I like the hell out of it! C’mon you guys… hash-out your differences and “get on” with things. We’re supporting you… it’s time for some logical reciprocity!!!

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