The Right Way To Wear IWB Holsters

The way of wearing an IWB holster is relatively straightforward. You just have to put your firearm between you and the waistband, and that’s it. However, the place and the way of positioning a pistol plays a vast role in the carrying process.  Hence, we have created this blog to make you aware of the appropriate way of wearing IWB Holsters.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Finding The Appropriate Position

If you want to find the appropriate position for your firearm, you need to unload your pistol and place it in your holster first. Then, examine its comfort by wearing it at various points around your waist. You can take a walk, get in your car, try flexing, bending, and shifting, and sit down on a variety of chairs.

This inspection will enable you to figure out the position in which your weapon is sitting against you. You can also ask your friend to keep an eye on the movement of your firearm just to ensure that it is not exposed from your waistband. The most comfortable position is the appropriate position of putting your firearm.

Balancing Both Comfort and Concealability

Most people leave their firearms at home because of the comfort issue. When the holster digs into the side every time you wear it, it makes you feel uncomfortable, thereby making you leave it at the safest place in your home. The primary goal of keeping a firearm at home is to keep you and your family away from unexpected danger. When you leave this gun at home, it does not do any good to your family but proves to be essential for the attacker. That is why it is tremendously essential to find a precise position for your weapon.

Moreover, an IWB holster is known for its concealability. It hides your weapon in such a way that no one is aware that you have a gun. You can effortlessly save yourself from the assailants and their illicit plans.

Look For Enhanced Pistol

The most important aspect of concealing a gun using an IWB holster is by keeping the pistol close to your body and ensuring that it does not entirely shift in the holster. Some holsters securely hold your gun in a place that even when you shake or manipulate the holster, it will not fall off. These types of holsters have a great point of retention situated around a trigger guard. It prevents the objects from working their way out in the trigger guard that can cause negligence discharge.

Key Takeaways

IWB holsters are the perfect concealed carry that is relatively durable, lightweight, and practical. It provides you with everything you want for carrying your gun confidently. The firearm owners who carry their weapons daily can have a capability that will never fail you. Choose a holster that is comfortable in your body. It means that it should have an adjustable cant that enables you to position your pistol precisely that appropriately fits your body shape and preferred drawing style.