The Smartphone Applications You Should Be Using for a Happier and Healthier You

Your mobile phone holds a world of opportunities inside it, some of which are actually beneficial to your health and overall mental balance

Let’s face it: nowadays we barely leave home without our phones. These tiny computers that were once new and exciting innovations have become the digital cornerstones of our lives, attached to our hips or residing inside our pockets at all times. This is because these devices have truly enhanced crucial aspects of our everyday such as navigation, communication, leisure, entertainment, and more. In fact, research shows that the average person uses over 10 apps per day on their smartphone, each with a different function and purpose.

Because we are on our phones so much, why not find out the ways in which their inner workings can serve us best? Below we’ll take a look at the most beneficial types of applications you should have downloaded on your device for a happier and healthier you.

Focus Apps that Keep you on Task

With so many people working from their living rooms or home offices nowadays, it can be hard to stay focused and on task. As distractions live and breathe in every corner, you may feel stressed and anxious if you find yourself not meeting deadlines in your work and falling behind on the job. Many people find their biggest lack of concentration to be rooted in social media scrolling. This is why applications that limit your use of these platforms can be hugely beneficial.

Depending on how strict you want to be, “focus apps” can either block all places of distraction or simply deliver reminders that enforce deep sessions of productivity and attentiveness. Explore their features, and in the process, you may find yourself working more efficiently than ever before.

Apps and Platforms to play Strategic Games

On the flip side, everyone needs to enjoy periods of relaxation and rest in between their busy, long workdays. A great way to wind down while also keep your brain sharp is by playing strategic games in a virtual casino setting. Surprisingly enough, some of the world’s most beloved casino activities such as blackjack actually strengthen the mind’s inner workings and stamina, while forcing it to think critically and use mathematical reason. These types of strategic games feed the brain and have even been linked to improved memory in their players, reducing the chance of dementia-related diseases.

With a variety of mobile applications and corresponding sites offering no deposit casino offers for first time players, users can enjoy a nice welcome pack that provides a variety of interactive strategy games from the comfort of their own home. Many of the games you will play demand a level of concentration and mental acuity, allowing it to be an entertaining experience that yields real benefits in the process.

Apps that Promote Mindfulness

Another great activity that has proven to make people happier and healthier is the consistent practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness promotes optimum mental balance by focusing on the body and its many senses without feelings of judgement or personal interpretation. Mindfulness is often practiced through the use of guided speakers and experts, many of which occupy the digital arena nowadays, especially in popular smartphone applications. Among the most downloaded is Calm, a wellness app that strengthens the skill of meditation with programs taught by world-class teachers.

Soothing music accompanies the soft voice of a mindfulness expert to walk (virtually) hand-in-hand with you through your health journey. These types of applications have helped their users get better sleep and experience more peace throughout their day. Since they can be used anywhere at any time, taking five or ten minutes out of your busy schedule for a quick session is an invaluable tool for achieving mental balance and overall happiness.

Apps that work as Mood-Tracking Diaries  

A big part of mindfulness is being aware of the way you are feeling throughout any given day. Applications which track those feelings for you can be great resources for reflection later on. Some of the best include Moodily, MoodKit, and Mood Tracker. Easily available for download on both iPhone and Android, you may be surprised with how beneficial this technology can be for a happier and healthier you.

Many of us utilize smartphone applications in different ways consistently throughout our week