The technology you must hire or buy if you run a business

Taking on the endeavor of building a company is commendable and a feat, so you’ll need all the help you can get. And something that is not only a good to have but a necessity to turn that project in your head into a well-run company is the technology that cuts on the operation time and allows you to work on the important things that require more time.

Technology can be seen from different angles, from hardware to software, licenses, and human capital. Therefore, have a budget ready to be invested in this. In case you don’t have it, consider a working capital loan from Camino Financial to help you set it up.

Remember that technology is never to be seen as a simple expense, but as an investment in your operation and productivity. Evaluate where you need help and what could help you cut time and resources by making those tasks automatic and safe.

Tech you can get with a working capital loan

Here, you can find different ways to integrate technology into your day to day, that can help you build up and run your business with a moderate inversion.

Computers as a service

Instead of buying equipment that will be outdated in less than 5 years, consider the model of Computer as a Service (PCaaS) to lease these devices, have software updates and constant tech support from your provider. Either with this service or with your equipment, you’ll also need to consider all the protection that the machines require, like antivirus software, data security systems, and services to have them run perfectly.

Administrative licenses

Some platforms can help you with administrative tasks that might not be your strong suit. Bookkeeping, business finances, or even team scheduling online software can help you increase your and your employee’s productivity. You can give them a test run to see if they help and, of course, take courses to use these tools the best way possible and exploit everything these licenses offer.

Task management apps

From Zoho to Trello, all task management platforms will help you have better productivity beginning with fewer meetings and a clearer overview of every staff member’s workload. Some of them even let you measure the time your employees spend on a single task for you to delegate appropriately or to pay them if they earn by the hour. The biggest difference among the offers out there is design so find the one that you enjoy the most and take advantage of it.

Personalized email

This is something you can’t bypass. It’s out of the question for a serious company to have free mails like an @gmail address, it can damage your image and dilute your message. But the same company has specialized licenses called G Suite that can change the face of your business. Not only will you have a personalized @, but you’ll also have access to all kinds of online tools like the entire package of Google Drive and you can even link up your email and Drive apps to task management inputs like Zoho. 

A website

This might sound like a simple thing, but like everything in technology, there are multiple layers and different applications. Start with a hosting provider that allows you to include your selected web pages template, e-commerce platforms, and payment gateways. The idea is that your business can be run online without a hiccup.

Closing Thoughts

Consider an IT support person or team hired to help you out in everything you need because technology can be tricky and, when you think you have it all figured out, things will change. As you can see, the investment will not be cheap, though a lot of those services are not only accessible but will allow you to produce more and, in so, you’ll win more money.

A working capital loan can help you cover all your technological bases and a good team to support your operation will help you run a smooth business. Are you ready to take your business to the twenty-first century?