The Top Twitch Streamers Of 2021

Whether you’re an avid gamer, entertainer, or watcher, you likely already have a list of top Twitch star you follow – or aspire to become like. For those not in the know, Twitch is a livestreaming content site that has become a swift competitor for established platforms like YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

Twitch users like Ninja and Pokimane already have millions of followers amassed from around the globe and regularly hold live streams to entertain their fans, who quickly tune in once their favourite streamer goes live. If you’ve ever had a passing curiosity as to who exactly the most popular Twitch streamers are and why, then read on!


The top twitch streamer in 2021 remains Ninja with over 17 million followers amassed. He went through a brief spell of ending his Twitch contract to move over to a new platform called Mixer – but when that platform dissolved, he quickly returned to his delighted eSports Twitch followers. Fortnite is the game which got him famous, though he’s recently dabbled in other games such as League of Legends, Halo Infinite and Halo 3.


The second most followed Twitcher to date, having hit 10.7 million followers not too long after Ninja jumped to Mixer for a brief stint, Tfue may have moved on from his Fortnite-only streaming days to include the popular game Apex Legends, but he still retains a very loyal fan base, just like the tragamonedas Chile has to offer. He regularly chats and answers subscriber queries as he games too, which makes him even more popular for reacting and reaching his fans on a personal level.


With over 10.7 million subs, Raúl ÁlvarezGenes, aka AuronPlay, took to the scene in early 2020 for his Grand Theft Auto streams, and quickly rose up the ranks to become the third most followed Twitch streamer – and coincidentally he’s also one of the top Spanish YouTube stars too. He’s one of the main Among Us content creators on the platform and is based in Europe, in Badalona, Spain. His often humorous takes on gaming content keep his followers entertained and he creates a wide variety of content now on Twitch.


With 9.8 million followers to his name, Shroud, whose real name is Michael Grzesiek, is one of the most popular non-English Twitch streamers so far. He creates a variety of live streaming content, and was first propelled into the spotlight as being a human aim-bot. His top streaming games to date in terms of viewership are when he does Battlefield 2042, VALORANT, New World and Naraka: BLadepoint. He’s been dating Twitcher Bnans since 2019 and features her as a must-follow channel recommendation. She often makes appearances on his streams too.


The only female Twitcher to reach the top 20, Imane Anys better known as Poki or Pokimane has become a symbol for other female gamers too look up to. She streams a large variety of content, from League of Legends and Fortnite, to being a member of Offline TV.

Her name may suggest her love of Pokémon, though she’s never confirmed this, and to date is one of the only top Twitchers not to have ben involved in any kind of online controversy. In 2020 she was the top female streamed Twitcher and is said to earn around $2.3 million dollars a year through Twitch and YouTube monies, though fans can directly donate to her too, and she’s done plenty of paid gaming sponsorships.