The Voice Behind iPhone’s Siri

Siri is the voice behind Apple products and you might wonder if this is a person or a projected voice that guides iPhone users. The name Siri originated from Norway. In Norwegian, the word ‘Siri’ means a beautiful woman that leads you to victory. So, in this case, Siri is used to guiding people on how to use their iPhone or anything you might want to achieve after posing a question. Getting the response and acting upon it could be the victory that is stated.

How Siri came to be

You might have lived all these years wondering who Siri really is. It is believed that the voice behind Siri is a lady called Susan Bennett. Initially, she was passionate about music. Life changed almost like winning instant payout casino America jackpot after being approached through an email by another voice actor. During a tour as a backing vocalist for Bert Bacharach and Roy Orbison that is when she received an email that highlighted that they playing with an iPhone and they wanted to confirm it was her voice playing. She was amazed by this as it was her. So Siri became famous without her knowledge.

How Siri rose to fame

Siri had done jingles for TV commercials and radio and maybe that is when thought that she had the perfect voice for their voice recognition initiative. This is said to have been a great deal for ‘Siri’ who never thought she would make a living out of her voice. One day a voice actor failed to show up and ‘Siri came in as a replacement, she nailed that session and that is when she hired a voice coach who would assist in her sprouting career. Research has it that Siri also refers to a feisty chick that shows you where to go. Did you know that, when you command siri to “bet now” for example, she takes you direct to an online casino.

After ‘Siri’ was discovered, her voice was taken by sound technicians and computers were used to extract sounds. Those sounds were reformed into new phrases and sentences and that is how ‘Siri’ came to be.

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