IBM Audits/ IBM software disputes

IMB has announced some impressive technological advancements that will have a massive impact on our lives in the upcoming years. IBM Audits/ IBM software disputes are essential for exhibiting a licensed compliance review. From AI-powered mini cameras that monitor the world’s oceans, there is so much more than the game-changing tech breakthroughs can render. Have a look at the below-given list to find out more:

Robot Microscopes

The shortage of water problems can affect more than a quarter of the global population in the upcoming few years. With the integration of AI-powered microscopes, we will get vital clues on the state and condition of water supplies, such as temperature change and level of chemical pollution. IBM has developed AI-powered microscopes that can monitor the quality of water minutely in our oceans, seas, and lakes.

While understanding the future problems that people are more likely to experience with finding clean and drinkable water, the robot microscopes are a great source to interact with water microorganisms, making it easier to assess potential water-quality problems.

Blockchain & Crypto-Anchors to Fight off Knockoffs

IBM has announced that crypto-anchors and blockchain will now assist in the fight against counterfeiting and ensure security and merit in the food supply chain industry. You might not know, but at least $600 billion are lost nearly every year through fraud and knockoffs.

Crypto anchors and blockchain can ensure the provenance of everything, including food and medicines. When it comes to the global economy, things, products, and goods are processed through different routes and go through different hands before reaching the consumer ends. That said, tampering and theft are prone to happen. However, with the integration of technology, knockoffs and frauds can be fully eliminated.

Crypto-anchors provide the much-needed tamper-proof link between the products as well as the blockchain’s digital records. You can also identify the crypto-anchors digital fingerprints that ensure a safe transaction on each stage. Crypto-anchors embed mini codes that work like microscopic QR codes that reveal when anything gets tampered with. By including the codes in the blockchain, the supply chain remains protected from fraud.

Integration of Unbiased AI

Biased AI cannot contribute to the real world’s progress as it will operate, assess, and process everything based on the information on which it has been trained on. The systems of AI are fed with data that are collected in a biased way. Subsequently, the results are unlikely to be following the real world.

The integration of unbiased AI works with the perspective of eliminating biased data from its roots and creating unbiased AI software that accurately assesses reality and gives an objective view of the things that need to be assessed. This way, the reality of today’s AI is more likely to transcend to a new dimension with an unbiased view of reality.

With the help of unbiased Artificial Intelligence, we are more likely to make unbiased decisions ourselves. The only underlying challenge is to train AI in an unbiased fashion to eliminate all sorts of biased AI and make this world a better place.

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