Three New iPhones In 2018
Three New iPhones In 2018

Hey, it’ll be September in few days which means “new shiny iPhones” will hit the stores very soon. According to the reports by trusted sources, this year’s iPhone lineup will be drastically different compared to the previous years.

Apple is expected to unveil an updated iPhone X, something which was confirmed as early as March of 2018. However, the big mystery remains unanswered: What will the next iPhone be named? It’s mind boggling as none of the Apple analysts, followers, or even leaksters have been able to find a suitable answer.

Leaving the updated iPhone X aside, the company is said to unveil two completely new devices, according to the information that Bloomberg got hold of. Adding to the already solid leaks, various other analysts like KGI Securities have confirmed that indeed Apple will launch two new devices – a larger iPhone X version and a cheaper version of the iPhone X.

The larger iPhone X is expected to succeed the already available “Plus” lineup of the iPhone family. If the rumours are true, it’ll also be called a “Plus” version but again, the actual name of the phone remains a mystery. It is to sport a 6.5 inch OLED panel, however, the resolution of the display remains unknown.

Also, the larger iPhone will reportedly support side-by-side app usage like the option already available on the iPad. It will single-handedly make for a Samsung Note alternative and could potentially skyrocket iPhone sales as most businessmen and generally, the people who work on the go prefer phones which are good at performing multiple tasks at the same time.

The cheaper version of the iPhone X will reportedly sport a 6.1 inch LCD panel, so as to keep the costs low. It’ll also be available in various colours just like the iPhone 5C, however, it will skip coloured aluminium edges like the ones present on the current generation iPhone X.

Other tidbits include: removal of 3D Touch, FaceID on all iPhones, updated AirPods, and a new wireless charger. For more, stay tuned with Tapscape as we will be breaking the news of the upcoming iPhones as soon as we get the scoops.