Tim Cook shares some iPhone 7 Plus image previews and they look amazing

The newest versions of Appleā€™s latest iPhone lineup brings forth a series of improvements, with one of them improves focused on camera sensor technology. Out of both smartphones, it is the iPhone 7 Plus that receives the most recognition as being the only iPhone announced in the world to feature a dual-camera. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has taken this opportunity to show what lengths the camera has improved at with these image previews. The previews were snapped during an American football game, and it should be noted that there was absolutely no editing involved in these images.

The images were left untouched, and they are the way you see them right now. To explain the magic behind the quality of these images, the 12MP rear camera sensor iPhone 7 Plus features an aperture of f/1.8. The advantage of having a larger aperture is quite helpful (this means that the value of the aperture is going to be smaller in number: f/1.4 means the aperture is wider, while the f/1.8 value means that the aperture is narrower).

This aperture helps to bring in more light to make the image appear more detailed and this also separate the foreground from the background. The sensor is also 60 percent faster and 30 more efficient compared to its predecessor, and an important upgrade present in the iPhone 7 Plus is an OIS chip. The OIS chip will reduce camera shake while you are recording videos or taking images, and it is also regarded as a very important component in a smartphone camera.

If you want to own the iPhone 7 Plus, then it will cost slightly more as the 32GB model retails for $769, while the 128GB model, which is the best possible storage model you can purchase right now, will set you back by $869.