Dominate Your Local SEO Rankings

If you do follow SEO plans and strategies for any length of time, you would like one thing that SEO changes almost every time. Especially when it happens that it come to local SEO, it’s imperative that you optimize your on-site and your off-site SEO strategies, this is for customers and clients who are searching for your local business. You can also take help of SEO Consultant to dominate your search rankings.

Below are solid local SEO tricks you can use to help your business rank much higher for local search.

  • Meta Description and Title matters

The HTML elements that you use to customize and reflect the content of your web page are tag as the title and Meta description. During searching, the text of your description and title tags is displayed. You have to think of this as a mini ad that you need to execute carefully.

Google increased the main search result width area to 600px. You have to take advantage of this and use it wisely. In competing for search results, if your tests are not unique, descriptive and compelling, then it will suffer.

The lesson here;

  • Do not waste space on page names that don’t provide useful information
  • If you want to get to local customers, always include the city your business is and the area of your business,
  • Make sure you focus on one keyword which is targeted and place carefully your keyword close to the beginning of the tag as you can.
  • Online Directories, and Citations

Roughly four counted from five customers use search engines for conducting local searches according to Google. It’s essential that you get listed and consistently at the top of the online business citations, like Merchant Circle, Citysearch, Yelp and others. Also, check with the local

newspaper’s website and the Commerce agencies to know if they at all have a local business directory where you can be listed.

It’s crucial to have your business’s name, phone number, address on major citation like Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup and Localeze.

  • Google My Business: Optimize and claim

GMB (Google My Business) though is considered as a directory, but is essential, it deserves its section. It is a critical thing for local businesses to claim their GMB page. It’s free, and it can get you extraordinary exposure if you are compelling enough to show up in Google’s local. You can also hire seo freelancer delhi to setup your google my business account.

  • Online Reviews Matter

Finally, businesses are starting to know the importance of online reviews from the customers.

There are several marketing software and tools you can use to manage, track and take actions to try and get reviews.

The two places you should focus on getting reviews are your Facebook business page and Google My Business page. They are the big ones. A lot of people turn into social media to look at what their friends and family think, so you getting good reviews on your page can help you draw in some prospective customers.

  • Use local markup data structure

Schema markup can be fused to your website code providing search engine with more crucial information on your business, such as the products being sold, services offered, and reviews you have collected and so on. You can surely make your business thrive, and it can rank higher than other local business if you add a structured data markup to your site.

When it mentioned SEO, this is just the tip. Implementing these five local search objectives above will give you some head start. You can also Contact SEO Expert India for Expert Advice.