Tips for a Successful BC Regional Pilot Business Plan

The BC Regional Pilot Business Plan is a fairly new immigration road map for foreign entrepreneusr who want to establish their new business and run it in smaller communities of British Columbia. This innovative collaboration between the government of BC and regional communities was introduced in March 2019. The main aim of this Pilot was to support economic growth in small regional centres of BC. Through this program, entrepreneurs from different countries get the opportunity to migrate, get adapted to the local community, start their businesses and contribute to the growth of the local economy. Entrepreneurs who wish to become a part of this Regional Pilot Program need to submit a detailed business plan as a part of the application. So, here are some of the tips that they can follow to write a successful Regional Pilot Business Plan, which goes as follows:

Determine Your Eligibility

Minimum investment and minimum Language Proficiency, Educational are some of the factors that should look into before starting your business plan.

Make a Community Exploration Visit

As a part of your business plan preparation, make sure to explore the community, perform market research and connect with the locals through the exploration visit to find out about the community you are about to migrate to. This visit will give you a clear idea about the community’s target industries, understand the local market, business needs and competitors. This will also make you learn more about the community’s economic development priorities and the way your business plan will associate with their needs. It will ensure that you have a basic understanding of the community you are going to start your business.

Figure out the Program Requirements

There are specific requirements for the BC Regional Pilot Business Plan. These requirements need to be understood clearly to ensure that the entrepreneurial business plan is successful. In the first step, the business plan needs to be documented, keeping those requirements in mind. You can either make the plan yourself or hire a professional business planner to do it for you. A professional business planner has the complete expertise to give proper detailing to your entire business idea and make it a remarkable one among the rest.

Draft the Business Plan

The BC Regional Pilot Business Plan must follow the appropriate guidelines and address the key factors essential to starting a business. Some of these factors include local market research, commercial feasibility, competitor analysis, target audience, local economic advantages, etc. The business plan should clearly explain the model, investment and the benefits it will provide to the community and people as a whole. Your business plan needs to be unique and well planned that will fit all the requirements and help it stand out among numerous applications that get submitted every year. Include the financial projections for next three years – income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. 


After developing the business plan for your new business, it is important to apply for the program. In order to apply, an entrepreneur must be referred by one of the province’s participating communities. To get referred, candidates need to make a visit to BC and make the program representatives of the community where they want to build their business. Once they get referred from a participating community, they can register through BC’s online immigration portal and submit all the details. After the registration process, candidates will be given a score and rank. The highest-scoring candidate will be invited to submit the application. If the application gets approved, they will receive a performance agreement, after which they will be issued a letter or work permit support letter.

All these tips can improve the chances of your business application getting approved which is according to the program guidelines. It will be a great start to your business plan. There are numerous steps to complete the process to increase the success of your application to stand out among a huge lot, so make sure to follow them carefully. If you need help with your BC Regional Pilot Business Plans, BC PNP business plan writing company, Adept Business Plans Inc. in Canada can help with developing a professional immigration business plan for your application. Please note, Adept Business Plans Inc. can’t advise you on immigration matters, they can only help you with immigration business plan writing. If you need immigration advise, please only work with a registered immigration consultant who can help you with your immigration application.