Mobile App Development

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to build a mobile application for your business. This is a very important step in the growth of your business and can do wonders with your customers and overall revenue.

However, developing a mobile app isn’t free and isn’t easy. Outsourcing development services to a mobile app development agency is the approach most businesses take, big or small because it is the most cost-efficient solution and delivers the highest standards and quality. But finding the right development company, one that fits your budget and can meet your demands, is where it gets tricky.

But first, what are the benefits of outsourcing mobile app development?  

  1. A variety of freelancers and agencies. Outsourcing can be relying on freelancers or agencies to develop your app. Many businesses try to avoid freelancers because it is difficult to find a jack of all trades, a developer/ engineer/ designer. So, you’ll need more than one freelancer, statistics show that top quality freelancers charge around $125 – $150 per hour. As for agencies, there are large agencies that can charge up to $300 per hour but there are also agencies like Softxpert that target small or medium sized businesses and startups. You’re presented with experienced developers and designers on a smaller scale. This is a bonus because you’ll have their undivided attention and they can get your app developed as fast as possible.
  2. Higher work quality at lower rates. Besides the fact that development agencies are the best option when it comes to cost, they are also a go-to for businesses because of their unique set of skills. A mobile app agency’s main focus and experience is developing apps, they will be up-to-date with the latest regulations and technology to create advanced, polished app. Smaller development agencies will focus on the simplest details in UX/ UI design, development, and final polishing, to give you their best work and gain you as a client.
  3. Experts on the matter. App development agencies have a group of expert developers, engineer, designers, and others that have experience in developing app projects. This beats hiring in-house developers with little experience and basic knowledge that won’t be able to deliver the same results.

5 Tips to consider when outsourcing mobile app development:

  1. What type of app do you want?

Your mobile application will represent your business, you need to understand it and know all your requirements to be able to explain what you need from the developers and designers for them to turn your concept into a reality. So ask yourself these following questions for a better sense of direction.

  1. How will you monetize your app?
  2. Will there be third-party integration? (Will you be able to share info on other apps like Facebook or Twitter)
  3. Will your app need geolocation? (Used for transportation apps like Uber or restaurant apps)
  4. Do you have any customizations for your brand?
  5. Do you have an icon idea? (If not, that’s alright, the development agency can create one for you)
  6. What are the goals of your app?
  7. Will there be a chatting/ messaging feature?
  8. Will there be a search option?
  9. Do I want an MVP (a prototype) first?
  10. Will I need payment integration? (Users will buy through the app using Apple Pay or Samsung Pay)
  11. What additional features do I need?

Answering these questions will not only give you a clear image of your idea but it will also help in setting a budget for your app, which brings us to the second tip.

  1. Which platform are you using?

Launching an app for both Android and iOS is something small businesses or startups can’t risk to do at the beginning of their app development. Even though both platforms cost the same at first, but building an Android app costs more than an iOS app, because it needs to function on various devices & screen sizes. This is why most businesses start off with an app on App Store then head to Android users when they collect enough funds.

You need to focus on your targeted customers and decide which app to start with, or you can build an app for both if you have the resources. For example, if your business is located in the US, you should start with an Apple app but if you’re targeting Asia, Africa, or Europe, you should consider Android.

  1. Set a budget for your mobile app.

Now that you have a plan, it’s time to find out how much your app will cost. Development agencies will be able to give you an estimate of cost for development if you give them thorough details and your basic idea.

However, launching your app is not the last of your expenses. Regular maintenance and updates alone can possibly cost half the price of the app’s development. In addition, there’s also marketing, technical support, and any bugs that might need fixing in the future. Don’t rush into anything and do then redo your calculations. You can also contact a mobile app development agency to discuss expenses in more details.

  1. Choose your agency wisely.

It is important to talk your time when considering outsourcing your app development. This would be a good time to start reaching into your network and ask other businesses that had mobile developed, what they did. You can also check out the competition, find out who experts your industry and can get the job done efficiently. Large agencies can be exhausting with costs and may not be too flexible, look into development agencies on a smaller scale that can serve you better. Another thing to think about when looking is, will the agency will be a local or offshore agency?

You need to be extra careful if you’re considering an offshore agency because different time zones can cause a huge lack of communication, and your idea might not be executed the way it should. Whether you go with a local or offshore agency, never hesitate to ask about their previous apps. Dig into these apps with an eye out for features, design, and functionality before trusting anyone.

  1. Set a strategy plan & milestones:

A good agency will always keep you in the loop with any updates and progress on your app. Once the project is discussed and everything is clear, set specific milestones and ask for deadlines or a range of when you will get results.

Instead of grilling the agency for results or feeling lost, not knowing where your money is going or how long this will take, set a plan from the start. The agency will have a clear plan on execution with deadlines and statistics, you can ask them to share it with you.

What’s next?

Now that you’re more aware of what you want, it’s time to take action! Get a free quote today by filling out the form with your project details and let the experts take it from there. Developing a mobile app for your business doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. Softxpert will give you a simple and straightforward approach to get your mobile app designed, developed, and launched at the lowest cost and in the shortest time.

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