Tips to Promote your Products on Facebook?

Did you know Facebook has daily 1.85 Billion active users? There is no other platform like Facebook to promote your products.

In this post we will be discussing about the process to run a successful promotion campaign.

1. Unique Selling Proposition

Without the Unique Selling Proposition your investment will be in vain. You need to clarify what the customer will get or how they will be benefitted if they buy your products. Creating a good advertisement always depends on how you can describe it with your audience.

So, before start advertising, culture your product deeply and let the audience know that—If they buy your products, they will get the benefits.

2. Focus on a Single Value Proposition

Your products may have hundreds of features and benefits but some statistics states that a people only remind a key point about an ad.

So, when creating ads, don’t mentions unnecessary points and lists all the product benefits. Instead, focus on the strongest point.

3. Use customer Testimonial

You will get the opportunity to use customer testimonial in your Ads. You should not miss this scope. Because other customers will see that some peoples are really happy with your products. It is a trust signal for them, it gives them confidence to grab the product.

4. Create a sense of emergency

Use the technique that creates a fear of missing out. To make your ads more actionable use words like “buy now”, “get it now” or any “special discount today”, “only few left”. This creates a sense of emergency to the customer. That induced them to buy the product after seeing the product ad.

5. Use Numbers in Your Product Title

According to a study by MOZ, 36% headlines are clicked that are starting with a number. This is the most percentage than any other options.

Ex. 7 benefits of this product X

Same thing applies for Facebook ads. People likes to click the ads those headlines are started with numbers.

Some Ideas to do it Successfully: –

  • Mention the percentage of discount like “25% discount for the product X”
  • Let them know the number of people already bought the product.
  • Number of products that are available currently.

6. Use of Proper Call-to-Action Button

There are 10 different types of call-to-action button available in Facebook. You can use the one that is suitable to the action of your customer that they want to take. You should always go for the option that generates more sales not clicks only.

You can get a button on a higher price but that doesn’t guarantee the greatest number of clicks all the times.  By A/B testing you can select the best CTA button for your Ads.

7. Embrace the Brand Image Using FB:

Did your brand just get recognized by the top marketing magazines? How about sharing it with your followers?

 With the help of the boosted posts and “Featured in”, you can make your users know the brand’s progress!

Every time your brand is in the limelight, share it over Facebook and grow your fan base, right now!

8. Get into the Email IDs of your Followers:

Well, this doesn’t sound easy right?! But it is easier than you would have thought!

All you need is some great content, with excellent takeaways about your business!

Are you in the business of ice-cream manufacturing?! How about an ebook on your secret recipe to the most favorite flavor at your ice-cream parlor?!

You can promote the ebook by Facebook Lead ads and collect the email IDs without leaving the platform.

9. Find your Hero in your Stories:

Do you know what sells the most?

Exciting Stories!


So, if you want your users to believe in your product, purchase it, and adore it forever, you need to make your products heroes!

Making them the central piece in the chessboard gives your user base an opportunity to not only view the product differently but also want it!

Such triggers are vital, especially with the growing competition. Facebook stories with great story-telling and exquisite product placement, are all it takes!

10. Spark Some Colors to the Ads:

Performing the A/B Test has its benefits! Not only can we know what works, but we also know what is essential in your ad!

And, one such thing is images with high contrast!

Images with high contrast have shown more than 95% effectiveness. Images with great designs, the right central pieces that trigger emotions, and perfect product placement are the key to a strong marketing campaign.

11. Sparkle your Message Through the Colorful Image:

Make sure that your USP of the product gets highlighted! What could be a way to do it?

Adding the perfect background with the thumping product statement is what makes your product stand stronger.

 Improved ad performance comes only through strong messages, that imbibe into the customer’s mind. More than 90% of customer acquisition is through perfect ads!

And, perfect ads have the appropriate product taglines!

Is your product missing that? 

12. Go the Video Way:

Video ads are gaining popularity now! More than 60% of business owners claim video ads are integral to their marketing campaigns!

So, why are you not using it?

Benefits galore, yet the dynamism of video ads is what makes them better than other forms of ads! Moreover, more than 70% of users confirm a higher ROI from video ads!

Isn’t it amazing?!

Video ads with a catchy first-5 second are all you need for customer activation!

Pro Tip: Make sure that videos have a smooth caption with an intriguing call to action! Having personalized CTAs improve the conversion rates by approximately 40%.

Don’t you want to try it as well?

Now it’s time to setup a Facebook Ad manager account and create your first ad. You need to complete some steps like ad objective, target audience, budgeting, place of ad placement, before the ad creation. 

If you are doing it for the first time then check the whole process carefully or seek assistance from a reputed SEO agency in Brisbane.