Tech companies both large and small are making a streaming music play. Amazon Prime Music and Apple’s Beats acquihire, of course, come to mind. However, Music Freedom could shake things up.

However, while Bezos schilled the Fire Phone, T-Mobile’s Legere was on the other side of Seattle stealing his thunder with free iPhones and one music service to rule them all.

As part of its UnCarrier 5.0 initiative, T-Mobile has announced the “Music Freedom” program, which allows customers to stream music without incurring data charges. As of this writing Music Freedom includes iTunes Radio, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Slacker, Rhapsody, Beatport and Milk Music.

“As a committed music freak, I’m personally outraged at the way the other guys are using the music you love to lure you into over-priced plans with sweet ‘promotional offers’ that quickly roll into higher prices or trigger those absurd overage charges,” said Legere in a T-Mobile press release. “Music should be free of all that. Music should have no limits.”

You heard him right, Legere is personally outraged and the UnCarrier is settings things right!

Yes, of course, iTunes Radio, Pandora, etc listeners still have to pay those service’s standard subscription fees, they aren’t subject to data overage charges.

UnCarrier to the Rescue

Although he lacks Steve Jobs’ stature, T-Mobile’s outspoken CEO is a true rockstar that combines (sometimes) outrageous statements and behavior with market shaking leadership. In the year-plus since US regulators rejected AT&T’s acquisition attempt, the UnCarrier has added nearly 1 million new subscribers.

With Music Freedom and, this is the one I really like, a new free iPhone 5s trial program, Legere and T-Mobile look set to continue their winning ways.

Ready for your free week-long iPhone 5s trial? Gonna give Music Freedom a go, too?

Via MacTrast