Top 3 Benefits of Taking Prenatal Vitamins Prior to Pregnancy

It’s not uncommon to find women taking prenatal vitamins when they are pregnant. Prenatal vitamins for women are medicinal supplements that are specially designed to provide the necessary nutrients needed for healthy conception and fetal development.

While eating a proper diet and engaging in a healthy lifestyle can provide you with excellent nutrients, it can be a difficult task to accomplish. In situations like this, prenatal vitamins act as supplements providing the pregnant person with the necessary nutrients they need during pregnancy.

What many people don’t know, however, is that prenatal vitamins are also beneficial for men. In fact, there are prenatal vitamins made specifically for men. But what are the benefits of prenatal vitamins for men and why should you consider taking them? Read on as we explain three benefits men stand to enjoy when they take prenatal vitamins.

Increased Fertility Potential

While the prenatal vitamins for women are dedicated to helping them improve fetal health and development, prenatal vitamins for men are designed to help increase the chances of conception. With men’s prenatal vitamins, you’ll be able to improve the health and fertility of your sperm. And since 50 percent of conception lies on the man, you’ll significantly increase the chances of your partner’s conception.

Better Cardiovascular Health and Bone Strength

Prenatal vitamins for men contain an excellent amount of vitamin D, which is considered to be a key component for fighting against cardiovascular diseases. With improved cardiovascular health, you’ll enjoy better energy levels and enhanced stamina, which further improves you and your partner’s chances of a healthy conception.

Also, male prenatal vitamins contain calcium, an ingredient known to boost teeth health, develop excellent muscles, enhance blood clotting abilities, and improve bone strength.

Lower Risks of Birth Defects

Folic acid formulations in pregnant women are known to help prevent neurological issues in fetuses and newborns. While most men can get enough folic acid through proper dietary methods, taking prenatal supplements can help you improve the overall outcome of your partner’s fetus.

Remember that half of the baby’s genetic information is taken from the father. Therefore, being able to contribute significant folic acid to your partner will help in the development of your baby.

What is the Difference Between Men and Women’s Prenatal Vitamins?

The ingredients used in making prenatal vitamins for men are different from the ones used in women’s prenatal vitamins. Male prenatal vitamins are used to boost sperm health and increase the chances of fertility while the ones made for women are dedicated to supporting the growth of a fetus.

The ingredients used in male prenatal supplements are focused on sexual functions, sperm production, and an excellent hormone profile. The quality of the male sperm has been found to have an impact on the development of childhood eye cancer, retinoblastoma, and DNA damage. To reduce the risk of health concerns like these happening while improving the chances of fertility, it’s recommended that men take prenatal vitamins.

How Soon Should Men Take Prenatal Vitamins?

It’s recommended that you start taking prenatal vitamins for men once you and your partner agree to start a family. The reason is that new sperm takes about two to three months to be produced in the body.

You’ll need to take your prenatal vitamins for at least two to three months before you notice any significant changes. We recommend that you talk to your family physician to determine the dosage and type of supplement to choose.