Top 5 Businesses Thriving Through Social Media Marketing

Businesses that utilize the power of social media are thriving. You can also use these platforms to promote your brand.

Social media is an excellent tool for a business. It can help any business with brand awareness, create long-lasting relationships and build new contacts with your target market.

Most businesses can testify that they have succeeded through social media marketing. For example, if you run a page on Spotify for your musical business it is the best way to make your product reach as many listeners as possible. You just need to find the ways to accumulate, let’s say, Spotify plays and such.

Here are some of the companies that use simple but effective social media techniques.

Let’s get started:

1. Three Mobile

This company has been associated with bad reputations for having poor customer satisfaction. However, the social media marketing team knows how to engage its audience. It has had numerous impressive marketing ventures that have brought success to the company.

Recently, this company has ventured into a “Sing it Kitty” advert featuring a small girl. In the advert, she tries to sing “We Built This City,” a classic song from Starship. It was a simple advert that garnered widespread popularity, therefore spreading across digital platforms.

Additionally, this “Sing it Kitty” app gained mass followers because it was a hit. The app is equipped with technology that allows you to replace your face instead of the girl’s photo.

The company has been successful through social media. This shows that social media can work when you use it strategically.

2. Nando’s

Nando’s doesn’t only know about chicken; it also does well in social media. The company has over 4 million likes. It has garnered that success through Facebook content that fits the interest of its customer base.

Nando has been posting A-level and GCSE good luck messages. It has ensured that it interacts with the target audience on a personal level.

Besides Facebook, this company is also thriving on Twitter. It takes pride in offering customers giveaways and ensuring its restaurant and customers have a firm relationship.

The advantage this restaurant has is that its fans help with social media marketing. That could be checking Nando’s online, tweeting a picture with their favorite meals from Nando’s, or any other activity. The restaurant has thrived through social media because it has tried to expose its brand and maintain its reputation.

3. Nike

Nike is a famous company with numerous followers across the world. This company told its followers about it. Today, this company has done it through the utilization of social media.

Nike has focused on digital marketing for success. It has also utilized the power in social media by expanding its audience through Facebook, Twitter, and its Network. Through social media, this company has managed to introduce numerous products and services. It has helped with improvement in brand loyalty.

4. Red Bull

Red Bull is another great example of brands thriving through social media. This brand has over 43 million likes in its Facebook account. It has added images and videos on its pages of extreme athletes and sports assigned by Red Bull. It has promoted the brand as a lifestyle choice and not an energy drink.

Nevertheless, Red Bull uses a unique strategy, unlike its competitors. It has turned successful for posting extreme stunts.


This is a famous retail brand in the UK. The company has garnered over 3 million Facebook followers. It is now leading its competitors New Look and Topshop.

ASOS has succeeded with social media marketing. Most of its content is found on its Facebook page. The content tries to promote the new range of sales items and clothing. Each post they publish, it receives hundreds of comments, reactions, and likes.

The company has managed to succeed because it prides itself by answering customer’s queries. This has helped it to improve its brand loyalty and build a better relationship with the audience.

The most tremendous success for this company was during the #bestnightever Christmas campaign. The campaign was held to try and increase sales and deepen brand engagement. It succeeded by using fashion-loving young girls.

ASOS has utilized social media to post celebrity interviews, styling tips, and music videos. This was to make the #bestnightever a success. It allowed customers that time to tweet in their versions.

Fortunately, this was a successful campaign that helped increase its social media followers by 12% in eight weeks. That was proof that there is power in social media.