Top 5 Kings of Fanservice in Reverse Harem Anime

Fanservice has been a staple in both harems and reverse harem anime. It is used as an instrument for generating a more profound emotional involvement on the part of the audience. Thus, it is no wonder why fanservice anime has gained enough momentum to dominate even the female population of its viewers.

Anime has tons of attractive male and female characters, but for this blog, we will focus on the former. Most male anime characters, especially in reverse harem series, are very charming and attractive that it has transcended how viewers connect with a character they like.

From blonde, blue eyes to a mysterious personality, male characters providing fanservice have each garnered a strong fanbase. Some anime fans go on passionate debates in an attempt to convince everyone that their male anime crush is the best.

Objectively, the best fanservice anime character would have to appeal to a universal demographic of viewers. The character’s popularity should also be massive enough that most fans would recognize them or the anime where they belong in a heartbeat. Recognizability and being memorable are two tell-tale signs of real attractiveness for anime characters.

Without delay, here is a list of the five best bishounen from the reverse harem universe:

1. Tamaki Suoh

Tamaki is one of the OGs of reverse harem anime. Being the co-founder and president of the Host Club in Ouran High, he is known for his dramatic flair and prince-like appeal. He can leave his schoolmates swooned with just his words or his gentle smile. His curiosity about all things “commoner,” his unapparent intelligence, and the way he doesn’t realize his jealousy over Haruhi’s interaction with fellow host club members make him extremely adorable.

2. Tamahome

If Tamahome were a real person, he would be the mysterious bad boy who keeps women on their toes with his elusiveness, his sugar-coated words, and his rough personality. He made fans swoon in Fushigi Yuugi, especially after he and Miaka officially became a couple in the series. Aside from his intense love for Miaka, Tamahome’s passionate heart was also explored when his big family was introduced to the audience.

3. Loki Laevatein

Loki from Kamigami no Asobi secures the third spot in this list. In a poll on the anime’s Wiki Fandom Page, he had the most votes for fan favorite. Staying true to the Norse god he was based on, Loki loves to play pranks and cause trouble wherever he goes. His strikingly red hair is as vibrant as his personality, and this is why he won more hearts than the blonde-haired Apollon and the mysterious Hades.

4. Haruka Nanase

Haruka Nanase is an excellent example of the calm and collected bishounen in anime. A talented and skilled freestyle swimmer, he is confident, strong-minded, and can concentrate on attaining his goals. As a swimmer, Haruka has his generous share of fanservice. His relationship with his team members is also something that fans of Free! have emotionally invested themselves in.

5. Victor Nikiforov

Victor’s luxurious platinum hair, light blue eyes, and charming smile effortlessly makes him a fan favorite in a sea of other good-looking male anime protagonists. Personality-wise, he exhibits natural charisma and a stable self-image. He is also accustomed to be a bit of a scatterbrain—a trait that adds a definite contrast to his almost-perfect persona.

Fanservice anime is continuously penetrating a broader scope of viewer preferences. Who knows, in five or ten years, the criteria for the most attractive male or female anime character could be very different from the standards used at present.

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