Top 5 Technologies That Have Changed The Face Of Gaming Industry

The huge entertainment potential of the gambling industry is probably only surpassed by its ability to generate revenue. The technology advances that we have been all witnessing in recent years has significantly impacted the way today’s games are designed, developed, and implemented. Plus, some technologies enable casinos to safely store players’ confidential information while shaping incredibly engaging next-level and fully immersive experiences. In other words, pretty much every component of a gambling venue benefits from the wonderful characteristics of advanced technologies.

Over the next few minutes of reading, we are going to introduce you to the 5 technologies that have completely changed the face of the gambling and gaming industries and which are projected to keep paving the way for new developments in the upcoming years.

1. Mobile Technology

To put it concisely, mobile technology refers to technology that can go where its users go. It mainly consists of portable devices used for communications, along with various computing devices and the networking-tied technology needed to bring all the components together. At the moment, mobile technology is mostly represented by smart and portable devices that are enabled by a connection to the internet: smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets are the most common examples.

This technology is also incredibly pervasive and fast-growing, with the number of smartphones surpassing the 3 billion mark and the international mobile workforce projected to be worth 1.87 billion by the year 2022.

Integration, scalability, cloud-based development, security, and edge computing are just a few of the main capabilities needed to effectively implement mobile technology. These technologies allow casinos to provide their entire range of services in the palm of the user. This ability has completely revamped the gambling industry. Smartphone casinos open 24/7, along with the rapidly evolving smartwatch casinos are successfully encapsulating mobile technology while spreading their reach and continuously boosting growth. Mobile-powered casinos come with modern-day features meant to simplify players’ experiences. Apps manage to provide direct communication channels casinos can use to engage with their users.

2. Data Modeling

Big data is an important part of any business but especially so in the casino industry. These data modeling technologies enable online casino operators to assess user behavior and tweak engagement strategies on an individual level. The process has shown to be very important to sales growth but also to customer satisfaction. The same data can be used to improve existing games and services and provide an overall superior experience to all players based on their exact bespoke preferences.

3. Cyber Security

Nothing good comes without consequence or cost. Advanced technologies are positively influencing every aspect of our lives but not without a silver lining. New cyber threats to our data crop up daily. The casino industry, with its large revenues, is an obvious target for hackers.

With the help of specialized cybersecurity protocols and technologies, designed to defend the confidential data and privacy of players, most of today’s casinos online can successfully defeat these hackers. Many online casinos have pioneered security protocols to prevent such threats as data scraping, DDoS, ransomware, and fraud attacks, and even SQL injections and identity thefts. With the help of advanced SSL encryption protocols which have become a standard in the industry, the communication between players and casino websites online is effectively scrambled in such a way that potential hackers intercepting it will not be able to make any use of it.

4. 5G Technology

5G refers to the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology. Similar to its 4G predecessor, 5G relies on radio frequencies to function. However, it uses extremely high frequencies that are capable of providing more bandwidth, allowing data to be delivered at faster speeds to a greater number of devices at once. Video streaming a live dealer game on a smartphone will be ten times better for all the users that will be streaming the game simultaneously, and not just a limited number of individuals.

5. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

More and more casinos are currently investing in VR and AR technologies in an attempt to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing trends while improving players’ experiences and attracting bigger crowds. Casino gaming boards are augmented with the help of VR devices, while slot machines receive 4K upgrades and are getting ready for the switch to 8K. Also, mesmerizing panoramic visuals and realistic sound effects alongside advanced touch interaction and eye-catching 3D graphics are all working together to provide users with the most immersive and realistic engagement in the virtual realm.

The same technology imparts a 3D view of all games, thus providing a seamless experience with players putting on wearable devices in the form of electronic goggles and gloves to enjoy entertaining home-based gaming experiences. We can expect VR and AR to expand the horizons of even more segments in the casino industry in the future, creating the illusion of players being physically present in the chosen casino whilst playing in a virtual venue online.

Finally, live casino and geolocation tracking technologies are two other game changers that allow users to enjoy more wholesome and personalized experiences from the comfort of their homes. All of these technologies have helped the industry reshape itself over the last few years and we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for each of them.