The arcade side-scrolling fighter Street Fighter IV Volt surged to the top of the charts this week, on sale for a limited time. Popular new Disney release Cars 2 continues to sit near the top of the chart, while Angry Birds, a freshly-updated Angry Birds Seasons and Fruit Ninja round out this week’s Top 5 best-selling iPhone games.

#1 Street Fighter IV Volt

The classic button-masher from Capcom, Street Fighter IV Volt is an exciting and challenging fighting game. Featuring 17 different playable characters, crisp combination 2D/3D graphics and special moves galore, Street Fighter IV Volt is the perfect arcade throwback for the iPhone. Loaded with both online, Bluetooth and WiFi compatible V.S. mode, you can battle it out against a friend across the world, or in the next room. Pick it up on sale for just $0.99 (regular price $6.99)

#2 Cars 2

The latest title from Disney, Cars 2 for iPhone is a fun and challenging platform racing game. Play as any one of four characters from the Cars movies, including Mater, Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile and race world locations from the streets of Tokyo to the bridges of London. Collect power-ups, hone your timing and multiply your score by collecting oil cans along the way to unlock new levels and new cars!

#3 Angry Birds

The top selling iPhone game of all time now sports a mind-blowing 225 levels packed full of angry action, as well as leaderboards and achievements and a bunch of social features. With new updates released all the time, Angry Birds is one of few essential iOS titles.

#4 Angry Birds Seasons

The holiday-themed Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone has just received yet another free update, and now features a number of new levels just in time for Summer. Adding to the existing Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, Easter and Valentines Day levels, there are now 110 unique and challenging stages in Angry Birds Seasons – a must for any fan of Angry Birds.

#5 Fruit Ninja

A frantically fun $0.99 hack-and-slash game from Halfbrick Studios, Fruit Ninja is no stranger to the top 5 with over 6 million iOS downloads to date. With three action-packed game modes, multiplayer and global leaderboards paired with slick 3D graphics, Fruit Ninja is easily among the best casual games for iPhone. Recently updated to include the new pomegranate fruit – slice it as many times as you can before it bursts apart!

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