Top 5 Websites That Allow You To Download Free Softwares

There are many websites on the internet, which provide free software applications for the users for download. Many of these software applications are very useful and users like to download them for listening music, downloading videos, checking spelling and grammar, protecting the system from viruses, and many other things. Here is the list of some web sites that provide these software applications free of cost.


This is a platform, which users can use to download various kinds of software like games, mobile apps, media players, and many others. The interface of the website is very simple and people can download the software applications easily. The softwares are free from malwares, spywares, and other kinds of attacks. The website is secure and all of them are free from viruses. Users cannot use Chrome browse as it rejects downloads from this site. Users have to disable Google security in the browser in order to download software applications.


FIleHippo is a website that helps the users to download various types of applications, which are free of cost. Users can navigate to the website and search for the software of their choice and download them. The websites consists of all kinds of programs, which include games, media players, text editors, and many other types. The software included in this website are free from malware, spyware, and various toes of attacks. Users can download the applications safely without worrying about viruses and malwares.


FilePuma is a website from where people can download many software applications. It is similar to FileHippo but people can download apps from FilePuma comparatively. The software are categorized and people can easily find the one they need. The site uses anonymous services and users are unable to know the owner of the website. The website has got a rank of 5664 on Alexa and it is a trusted website, which people can use to download apps. Customers have given good reviews about the website and said that the software applications downloaded from the site are free from any type of attack and are safe to download

This website is very popular for downloading various types of software applications and people can download the apps without paying anything. The website was launched in 1996 and was named as but now the domain has been changed to The softwares are compatible with many operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. The website includes trial software, shareware, and freeware, which can be easily downloaded. The website is secured and the softwares available are free from any kind of viruses, malwares, or other types of attacks.


It is a community that consists of open source programs along with their codes. Users can download, review, or develop software applications. Users can easily write the code.


There are many websites available, which provide free software but users must be aware as some of the websites may have malwares or viruses, which may damage the system, crash the hard disc or do other types of harm.

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