Top Five Varieties of Pencil Pouches

Pencil pouches are becoming increasingly popular among students as well as professionals. As a result, various brands are coming up with creatively designed pouches in a variety of colours, patterns and stuff. Let us have a look at some of the most popular types of pencil pouches that have made their way in the market over the last few years.

Water-filled Transparent Pencil Pouches

One of the most popular pencil pouches in the current times is the water filled transparent pencil pouch. These pouches look super cool. Along with water, these pouches are also filled with glitter. The glitter particles move in the water as you hold or move the pouch and render a rich look to it. Water filled pencil pouches with images are especially popular among students

Confetti Pencil Pouches

These cute pencil pouches are mostly made of transparent vinyl material. These are filled with bright, multi-colored confetti. These pouches are as apt for primary class students as these are for those belonging to senior classes. You can accommodate all your stationery items in the pouch. Additionally, it can even serve as a perfect party pouch for girls. Stuff like lip gloss, compact and cash can easily be slipped into this stylish pouch.

Reversible Sequin Pencil Pouches

These pouches are also quite in these days. In fact, sequin diaries, key chains, bags, T-shirts – everything is becoming increasingly popular. Reversible sequin pencil pouches are available in a variety of bright colours. It is fun reversing the dazzling sequin to change the colour and pattern of the pouch. Just like the confetti pencil pouches, these are also a favorite among the party goers. These shimmery pouches can instantly amp the style quotient.

3D Pencil Pouches

These pencil pouches have become a rage like no other mainly owing to their peculiar design and spaciousness. They usually have different sections to place pencils, erasers, scale and other stuff. Since these are quite spacious, you can even accommodate a small sketch pen or pencil colour set in these.

You will find these in different colours with images of various cartoon characters embedded on them. While 3D pencil pouches with images of Spider-Man, Ben 10 and Minion are popular among young boys, those with the pictures of Elsa, Anna, Snow White and other Disney princesses are loved by girls.

Furry Pencil Pouch

Furry pouches are super soft and are thus a delight to carry. These are as popular as the other varieties of pencil pouches mentioned above. These are loved by kids of all age groups. You will find these in different colours and sizes. Multicolored ones in light pastel shades are especially in demand. These pouches usually have a pom-pom zipper pull that adds to their beauty.

Besides, using it as a pencil pouch you can even use it as a travel kit or party pouch. It can easily be slipped into your backpack. You don’t have to worry about the pouch being squished as it will retain its original shape once out.

So, these were some of the varieties of pencil pouches that have become quite popular. Which one of these is your favourite?