Can you remember the days when dial-up was considering great? When you would have to watch how much internet you used? When websites with flash images seemed awesome?

Well you are going to love this, a relook at the biggest websites right now, when they first started. A blogging website called Upscreed added images from the biggest websites Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia and others.

Incredibly, these past five years have really been the driving force of the web in terms of design. Back in 2005, nobody was bugged that their website looked really ugly, in fact, many were pleased with the experience.

Remembering the first time Facebook was mentioned in the UK, a reporter for BBC said that the website was revolutionary and so slick and easy to use. When you look at the image now, you may be inclined to disagree.

Once again this shows the fast pace of the web and how we are starting to move into a world where CSS and beautifully constructed webpages are the norm. With coding becoming harder due to variety, it brings better rewards to those that understand it.

What we really loved from this little trip down memory lane was that some websites, especially Google and Amazon, have kept their basic design aesthetic  although they have tweaked the website to make it look better and function.

YouTube is our favourite, especially the logo that is sitting on top of the rest of the website and hasn’t been rendered so you can see the white background.

[Link to website]

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