Top Websites to Watch Your Favorite Movies Online

Watching free movies is one of the best things you can get from the internet. All you need is a robust internet connection, a device that can open a web browser and these top streaming movie websites of 2019:


123Movies is a reputable movie streaming site that’s been around for several years now. It currently has millions of users that enjoy free, high-quality films and shows that are regularly updated.

Been wanting to watch the latest movie? Chances are, 123Movies has it! It simulates a real theatre experience by offering convenient features such as Full Screen, Turn Off Light, and others. Just sit back, relax on the couch and let the site’s Auto Next function load the next show for you. Bookmark the site so you can easily get back and see the latest movies and TV shows available.


Viewster is one of those viewer-concentric streaming platforms that won’t require its visitors to register before giving them access. Its claim to fame is its growing number of anime content and old films and documentaries such as Lily Cat Plus, Street Fighter 2 and TV shorts Murder Princess, among others.

Classic Cinema Online

Hankering for classical movies and ones from decades past? You won’t be disappointed when you reach Classic Cinema Online. Even the theme is a definite blast from the past retro, replete with red curtains. Grab some popcorn and rediscover old greats such as Jane Eyre, the Wasp Woman and Casablanca.

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is available to watch even if you don’t have a Roku streaming device. Like Netflix, it has rotating content and categories such as LOL Hits, Family Night and Edge of Seat Thrillers. The only downside is that you’ll have to watch ads every now and then, but it certainly beats paying real money for it. Also, video quality is adjustable, which means you can amp it up when you’re watching on a big screen or lower it when you’re saving up on cellular data bandwidth.

Top Documentary Films

Do you find the documentary genre absolutely fascinating? Browse through the Top Documentary Films website and you’ll find a wealth of documentary videos that are divided into genre, recently added or most viewed. Among notable selections include Zeitgeist, Hubble’s Universe and Cosmos. You can also browse by topics such as Sports, Nature, Media, Environment, History, Technology, Science, Biography and more.


Cartoon Network gives viewers some good old fashioned fun with its plethora of interesting cartoons for kids and the young at heart. Go for classics such as Tom & Jerry or newer ones like the Amazing Adventures of Gumball. Episodes are limited to just a few at a time, but they’re free and in high quality.


YouTube is a must-mention when it comes to the subject of watching videos online. Movies can be streamed for a price, but there are billions of available videos from its users, some of which are more entertaining than professionally-directed content. Simply type what you’re looking for, e.g., funny animals and let the website work for you.

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