The weakest link in any security system is the user. You would think Matthew Green, a college professor that teaches and consults on computer security would have learned that lesson. You would think, however, a little boy that needed to play Angry Birds showed us a no-fail Touch ID hack.

CNN Money brings us the story of Matthew Green, his seven-year-old Harrison and an iPhone 6 Plus. While dad makes his living as a college cryptography professor at Johns Hopkins University, young Master Green is already sharpening his Touch ID hacks even at the tender age of seven.

But Tuesday morning at dawn, little Harrison crept into his parents’ bedroom and walked over to his dad’s side of the bed. He quietly reached for his father’s iPhone, grabbed his right hand and pressed his large thumb onto the fingerprint scanner.

That said, Green senior took it all in stride and even took time out to tweak the FBI in tweet published publicly.

Dear FBI: next time you say ‘think of the children’ I implore you to note how easily mine can bypass Apple encryption using physical attacks.

Chances are, if the FBI is invoking “think of the children,” chances are they’re talking out their backsides.

So, kudos to Matthew and Harrison Green and the younger’s amazing Touch ID hack…

What’s your take?

Via: BGR

  1. Look at ME! Look at ME, I have a really smart kid here! Look at ME, I am a computer security expert an we found a way to hack an iPhone! Hey FBI look at ME, I thought of something no one else did. Look at ME, ME, ME!

  2. No way to be sure that his kid didn’t have his thumb registered with Touch ID without his dad knowing. I would like to see independent proof that his device can be unlocked with his child’s finger and that that finger was not already setup as one that can unlock the device.

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