Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel

The new touchscreen Chromebook Pixel may have just been accidentally launched on YouTube, after a slip of the Chromebook. The original video has quickly been taken down, but more have sprouted up on YouTube, thanks to the embed code attached.

We have heard some rumours that Google is preparing to launch its own Nexus Chromebook, with the huge uproar in sales these past few years. The Nexus will feature in house development and a touchscreen display.

Chromebook Pixel is an odd name to call the device, especially since the displays on the Chromebook’s right now aren’t anything to be admired. Google may go for gold with a 1080p display, as Microsoft did with the Surface Pro, although this will cost quite a bit more.

One leak even goes as far as claiming the Chromebook Pixel will have 2560 x 1700 resolution. This is unprecedented in a Chromebook, laptop, netbook or any PCs below $1000.

The video was originally found after a hack on Google’s systems, where the Chromebook ad was downloaded and sent to agencies. We have not heard this hack being mentioned, although Google is offering rewards for hacking the Chromebook security system on a Samsung Chromebook.

The Chromebook Pixel will apparently be home-grown by Google, and we wonder if Motorola will play the part of manufacturing the netbook. We do not believe Motorola has ever made a netbook, but Google may see profit in this solution.

Google may decide to go through with this, although we cannot see how a high resolution display can match with the prices of the budget Chromebook’s. If anything, the Chromebook Pixel will be way too expensive for the Chromebook range, and will serve as a premium netbook.

With Chromebook’s limited performance capacity, this is troubling. If someone buys the Chromebook Pixel at a much higher price because of the higher resolution, only to be let down by web-only apps and low 1GHz performance speeds, it will be a real waste of a few hundred dollars.

The Chromebook Pixel is set to land at Google’s I/O, alongside the X Phone, X tablet, Android 5.0, two new Nexus tablets and possibly the first real look at the finished Google Glass.

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