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Transfer WhatsApp Chat History From Android to iPhone



Transfer WhatsApp Chat History From Android to iPhone

Have you bought an iPhone 12 recently? Or have you recently switched from android to iPhone? Or are you worried about the switch of WhatsApp chat history from android to iPhone 12 this time? Are you looking for the easy and speedy bytes to Transfer WhatsApp chat records from android to iPhone 12 this time? Then you are in the right place. Continue reading the article for better and detailed information.

More and more people are using their smartphones not only to make calls or send text messages but also to take advantage of the Internet and messaging apps for video and audio chats as well as personal chats and file sharing. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps and it is widely used by both Android and iOS users. If you are switching from an Android phone to an iPhone, you don’t have to worry that your WhatsApp will expire because there are so many different ways that you can track your WhatsApp chats. How to change WhatsApp chats from Android phone to iPhone.


One of the main ways to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android phone to iPhone is through direct transfer using backup trans software. The Backuptrans WhatsApp Android to iPhone Transfer feature proves to be really useful regardless of whether you intend to switch all your WhatsApp messages or messages only from a single contact. In this case, you need to join both phones into the computer where the software program is installed and running. From there, you will be capable to see all WhatsApp chat messages on your phone in the main interface of the software.


Another way to switch WhatsApp chats from an Android device to an iPhone is through the usage of iTunes. In this case, you want to connect your Android phone to the BackupTrans software, while connecting your iPhone into iTunes. This is your best option if the software only detects your Android phone. The messages you export to the software from the Android phone can be exported to iTunes, where your phone will extract the data later.


WhatsApp has a feature that allows customers to email certain conversations to themselves. While this will not completely restore all your conversations or chat messages in WhatsApp, you will be able to without problems access the WhatsApp messages that you want via the email that you can open on your iPhone. Perhaps another drawback of this method is that you are limited in terms of the size of email that you can send, that way you will not be able to send most attachments such as photos or short clips.


In case you are changing your number alongside changing your phones, then there is an excellent chance for you to access your WhatsApp chat records on your iPhone with a new number. Before launching WhatsApp, change the SIM card in your Android phone and select the Change Number feature under the Settings and Accounts tab. After that, you can use the new SIM card on your iPhone and your WhatsApp messages will be restored.


In conclusion, there are abilities on how you can directly switch your WhatsApp chat from an Android phone to an iPhone. There is additionally the option for you to use iTunes or email chat to accomplish your transfer objective. Otherwise, leverage the change account feature to transfer the messages that you desire to be saved into your iPhone from any Android device.