Travelory: Capturing the Magic of Travel and Holidays

Concept of the app

The world can be a huge place full of possibilities, and so too can your holiday. It’s hard to save details about the places you’ve been, a fancy hotel you’d like to recommend, or a beautiful garden you’d want to pay tribute to later. That’s where Travelory steps in, taking charge of automatically noting details about your trip so that you can only on enjoying your trip. Travelory is the amazing vacation assistant everyone should have. It is for leisure travelers who’d like to commemorate their time with amazing visual records, and for the blog traveler whose job depends on it.


Why Travelory? Because it has it all, including:

  • Travel mementos: With the travel memories that Travelory puts at your fingertips, you can create travel mementos like cups and t-shirts with images of your vacation.
  • Co-author feature: Sometimes, the best experiences in life are often shared. Let your friends chip in with their experiences on a blog post you’re working on.
  • Trip summary email: Didn’t write down any notes of your visit to Paris? Don’t sweat it! With Travelory, you get an automated email summary about your trip.
  • YOYD policy: You Own Your Data and no one else has control over it. If you’d like to keep it private or share it with the world, the power is completely in the palm of your hands
  • Personalize travel memories: Spice up your travel memories by adding personal notes and pics to spice up your travel story.
  • Covid features: Travelory offers information about nearby pharmacies or hospitals. It also has an emergency call feature if you need help on the road. Lastly, the app also keeps you updated about a locality’s infection rate.

How the app works

While you hit the road, Travelory is silently working on the sidelines to create a timeline of the places you’ve visited. Once the trip is over, you can get automatically-generated content sent to your email. Travelers can also add depth to their travel stories with pics and personal notes, or even use other viewer’s experiences for your travel planning. Additionally, travelory enables you to imprint your digital pictures with physical mementos like coffee mugs, calendars, and photo albums

What sets Travelory apart from the rest

Its stress-free automated blogging takes top prize for its accuracy and effort-saving benefits.

The Covid features also stand out as well, helping travels to stay safe as they do what they love: travel and more travel!

Travel safer, memorably, and easier, with Travelory assisting you through your vacation.

Install today!