Trends in Social Mobile Gaming for 2021

A majority of people play mobile games because they like interacting with others. Strictly speaking, almost all mobile games have a social aspect, whether it’s competing for the leaderboards or a battle royale experience.

For 2021, here are 4 social trends we can expect.

More Participating, Less Playing

Audience participation is at an all-time high, thanks to platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Most people would rather see their favorite personalities play and plumb the depths together.

In 2021, this is set to rise. What’s interesting is that it will be significantly bigger than fans of traditional sports games. Developers will take note and focus on this aspect when they’re creating their next games.

Playable Ads

What’s better than a visually attractive ad? A chance to play a game without having to download or install it.

Mobile games now advertise their titles as playable demos so you can get a taste before deciding to download it. This form of advertising can prove to be more effective than simply watching a video, because gamers like interaction.

This year, a large percentage of video game ads will be playable and interactive in order to attract more people to playing their game.

Games as a Standalone Social Network

Only a few games will be able to achieve this feat, but it’s what’s going to happen this year and beyond. Developers will implement a form of social network, whether it’s a unique chatroom or an in-app messaging system.

A game like SSGAME350 can benefit from this, as well as other casino games. You can meet up in the lobby or hang out after a round rather than having to communicate somewhere else. It’s more organic and convenient for players.

Cloud Gaming

Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud are set to launch this year, with other companies following suit. We can also look forward to tech products such as VR headsets making an appearance this year.