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Trigonon was created by Just Funny Games, an interesting choice of name because there is absolutely nothing funny about Trigonon. I”m still debating whether or not it even qualifies as a game.

It seems like more of a psychological test which measures the boundaries of human patience. Don”t pay attention to anything the game says about levels or scores– if you manage to play for more than five minutes without shot-putting your iPhone onto a freeway, you have won.

Trigonon is a puzzle game where the goal is to maneuver perpetually rolling marbles into a set goal point. You accomplish this by placing bumpers throughout the level to ricochet the marbles into the designated area. This is a perfectly fine idea for a puzzle game. Unfortunately, Trigonon failed in some crucial gameplay elements. The bumpers are a chore to place and adjust within the confines of the course because you cannot change their size. They need to be adjusted in excruciatingly minute detail before they can be set. The ball physics are strange and unreliable, and will go bouncing off in ways that are as baffling as they are frustrating if your bumper is not places just so. You must complete each level in a certain amount of time. For whatever reason, exceeding the time limit does not end your run, so you have to complete the level after you have already failed to retry it. This is extremely frustrating (and potentially online casino a little humiliating, like the game is mocking your failure).

And, as if bad gameplay was not enough, Just Funny Games decided to treat Trigonon as if it were the most important puzzle game to ever grace humanity with its existence. For a good example of what Trigonon is trying to do, let”s look at the trailer:


“There are forgotten areas in your mind which are unexplored. Your deepest thoughts, your most brilliant ideas, are trapped here. Now you can set these thoughts free. Now, you can set your mind free. Enter the factory of your mind.” What? The epic Lord of the Rings music isn”t fooling anybody, Trigonon, your game is about putting a ball in a hole. You are no better than golf, or basketball, or eating Skittles.

It is a shame that Trigonon”s basic gameplay is so bad, because it actually has some decent production values if you can ignore the air of pretension surrounding them. The graphics are good and the electronic music that plays during each level is very fitting. Of course, these things don”t make up for the gameplay in any way.

The game is officially titled “Trigonon: Episode One,” so apparently the developers plan on another installment. Why they refer to it as an “episode” is unclear, as there is no real storyline whatsoever. I can”t really say that making another installment is a great idea on Just Funny Game”s part. Not unless it is a free app entitled “Trigonon Episode Two: The Refund.”

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