TVBuddy Caster- Everything You Need to Know

Do you have an old TV lying around? You’ve probably never touched your television set now that you are using a smartphone.

While they are pretty good at what they can do, mobile devices have a huge limitation in that they have much smaller screens than your regular TV.

Wouldn’t it be great if the contents of your phone can be projected on your TV? Well, you can by using TVBuddy.

What is TVBuddy Caster?

When people want to make use of their TVs as an extension of their mobile devices, they would have to buy a product that is known as a ‘caster’. Think of it as a projector of some sort in the sense that the images on your mobile device will be projected onto your TV’s screen.

One great example of this is the Google Chromecast and while it definitely has support for TVs that have an HDMI port, its price is not too appealing at all. It is quite expensive and if people were to spend money just to buy it, it would be much better if they get a better TV instead.

TVBuddy Caster is a lot like Chromecast in that you have the ability to use your Android mobile device to stream content directly on your TV.

If you do not have a Smart TV (mainly because they are expensive), this is a great alternative!


There is a lot to love about this product. First is that it has support for all of the popular streaming services on the internet. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and so much more.

There are also other streaming services that it can support. Basically, if it runs on your mobile device, it should be projected towards your TV’s screen.

I am also happy to report that this device allows you to stream Full HD content quite seamlessly. This means that you can enjoy your favorite shows without having to compromise on the quality.

Once the device is plugged into your TV, it makes use of your home’s WiFi so that it can communicate with your chosen mobile device. You can either use a phone or a tablet so long as it is running on Android.

Aside from projecting content from streaming services, the TVBuddy Caster can also support your local media as well. This means that if you have video files that have the following formats: MKV, FLV, AVI, RM, VOB, and MOV, then they should run without problems.

How to Set It Up?

A lot of people want to know exactly how to set this device up. It is actually pretty simple. Here is the entire process:

  1. First, make sure that you plug the device into your TV’s HDMI port. Almost all TVs have at least three of the said ports, so you shouldn’t run into any problems with this
  2. It is also important that you reserve a USB slot for the device as you use that to power the TVBuddy Caster while it is plugged into your TV
  3. From there, you will have to download the TVBuddy Companion App in the Google Play Store using your preferred mobile device
  4. Once fired up, the app will start looking for the device. Make sure that you are connected to the same network so that the app will have no problems searching for the said caster.
  5. If you are running into problems, there is an optional code that you can input on your mobile phone or tablet so that it can connect easily to the caster
  6. From there, you just fire up whatever content you like- may it be from your preferred streaming services or in your phone’s local storage.

Is it a Scam?

There have been many user reports stating that the TVBuddy Caster is a scam. That is actually not true and I can attest to that.

I’ve actually tested the product myself and that is why I’ve created this article as sort of a short review of it.

It indeed does provide you with the features that it tells you on its product package. It can basically mirror your mobile device’s screen so that you can project its contents on your TV.

The TVBuddy Caster works similarly to Google Chromecast but one major advantage here is that it is more inexpensive than the latter.

In other words, this product is not a scam at all. In fact, I would go so far as to recommend it to anyone who is planning to buy a great Chromecast alternative.


The TVBuddy Caster is priced at $49.99. As you can see, it is much cheaper and much more effective than Google Chromecast and that is why it is loved by many.


If you have an old TV lying around and you want to beef it up by mirroring your mobile device’s screen, then I highly recommend the TVBuddy Caster.