Twitter users published a whopping 3,283 tweets per second at the end of Japan’s victory over Denmark in the World Cup, overtaking all previous Twitter records. the service typically averages only 750 tweets per second, so numbers surpassing the 3k mark are pretty astounding. From the official Twitter blog:

“…we are calling the end of Japan’s 3-1 victory over Denmark a record that bests the end of the Los Angeles Laker victory over the Boston Celtics (3,085 TPS). When the referee blew the final whistle, we saw 3,283 TPS. (The Netherlands/Cameroon game ended six minutes earlier.)”

All of this is made more impressive by the fact that Twitter wasn’t even around during the last World Cup, and now has turned itself into a popular way for people to communicate about it.

Have any of you tweeted about the World Cup this year or used it for World Cup news?