twitterrificTwitterrific update 5.0.2 has hit the App Store today, bringing a variety of new features, including a new simpler in-app web browser and reading mode supporting both Instapaper and Readability.

Unfortunately push notifications are still not included in this latest update. Here’s the story from Iconofactory regarding the situation.

We know that users are patiently awaiting the addition of native push notifications for Twitterrific. With Twitter’s help we have begun the preliminary work on this most anticipated feature. It’s still very early and we don’t have a planned release date.

This isn’t the news I was hoping for with this update, but despite the lack of push notifications, in this new update media embedded in tweets is now displayed inline, except for Instagram photos which are now displayed fullscreen using the new in-app web browser, which is a cool addition. Furthermore, the photo viewer no longer renders a frame around the images, which again is a nice touch.

There are a ton of added features, so here’s the full list of changes for you to enjoy.

Twitterrific update 5.0.2 changelog

New Features

• simplified reading mode for the in-app browser using Instapaper or Readability
• find tweets in all timelines via ‘History’ search (new search tab)
• image previews are displayed directly in the timeline
• photo viewer now displays images without a frame


• in-app web browser now uses the entire screen on iPad
• Twitterrific now loads 100 tweets while refreshing or loading more
• new gesture: Tap and hold the RT icon on a tweet to quickly retweet with a comment
• when user avatars are hidden in the timeline, tap on a username to open a profile
• VoiceOver now uses a relative date/time on tweets instead of an absolute one
• added VoiceOver accessibility to the Load More button
• searches and Lists in the sidebar are now ordered alphabetically
• tapping outside of popup navigation on iPad now dismisses view
• visual improvements to popup navigation and views
• other minor interface improvements

Bug Fixes

• fixed an issue where empty Twitter accounts in iOS Settings could cause a crash
• adjusted scroll to top area so it’s less likely to be tapped by accident
• foreign keyboards no longer cover up the bottom of the compose screen
• fixed a bug that prevented some of your friends/followers from being displayed
• replying to your own reply no longer loses the conversation thread

The App is optimised for iPhone 5 and is currently only $2.99 with 50% off the regular price, so with the updates it is a great time to buy. Click this link to grab your copy now.

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