Tynker iPad App

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Tynker is an iPad app developed by Neuron Fuel. Tynker has a simple, yet very noble goal: teach kids to code. Using the Tynker app, children can learn how to code while also having a ton of fun.

As it stands now, Tynker offers three main lessons. They are called Sketch Racer, Lost in Space, and Puppy Adventure.

In Puppy Adventure, you need to help a dog named Pixel to connect with his owners. Like all other Tynker offerings, Puppy Adventure runs on a drag and drop interface. You drag and connect blocks of code to build a program. In this case, you build a program that controls Pixel’s actions. This kind of structure helps kids to understand basic code structure.

Tynker iPad App Tynker iPad App

The graphics in all three of these adventures are cute, approachable, but never saccharine. These are worlds you get drawn into, and it’s easy to see why Tynker would appeal to both young boys and girls.

There’s a great sense of “trial and error” here that helps kids learn from their mistakes, like any coder would. Rather than just telling kids they made a mistake, kids who play with this app will learn why their code didn’t work in a constructive, clear manner.

Kids who learn to code with Tynker are also likely to get practice on other core educational skills as well, including basic math and counting. Problem solving skills are also taught directly through this kid-friendly app.

photo 4 Tynker iPad App

I’m not sure what age Tynker is meant to be targeting with their iPad app, but I could see 2nd-7th graders being drawn in by this learn-to-code app. And going by some of the student projects on the Tynker site, that seems about right.

Overall, Tynker is a pleasant diversion that teaches kids the fundamental logic of coding. It’s well worth introducing your kids to, no matter what age they are.

Tynker requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad. Follow Tapscape for all the best iPad game reviews.