Uber self driving cars
picture credits to fortune.com

Self driving car tech has picked up a fast pace in recent days. Uber has also stepped into the market. Let us talk about Uber self driving cars in detail.

Uber self driving cars

Uber is a well-known vehicle riding service which operates in different countries.

They would not need to pay commissions to the drivers. It is the reason Uber came into the market.

Uber showed its interest back in 2015 when Google announced about self driving cars.

Uber hired a few researchers from Carnegie Mellon University. Uber’s self-driving project was started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

An initial fleet of cars included 20 Ford Fusions. These cars had GPS, up to 20 cameras, lidar and radar to work.

This tech at that time looked like a science fiction. In fact, Uber had an emergency driver in the car which would take control if anything wrong happens.

Tests for Uber self driving cars

As we said the test and project were kicked off in the Pittsburgh. Uber had some tests rides with its initial fleet of cars.

They started street driving tests with Volvo XC90. Mayor Bill Peduto welcomed the project with open arms. Uber took the advantage of it and started tests at full strength.

Uber did not give any written agreement which caused relation disturbance between mayor and uber.

One of the Uber self driving cars met an accident in March 2017. The blame was put on the other side saying that the driver was not on the right way.

Later on, in September 2017, a second accident happened. Again, the crash due to human error.

Uber self driving cars reached Canada in late 2017 where it started two driver-less cars.

The crash continued and a self driving car hit a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona in March 2018.

Public availability

On May 22 Uber stopped all the test in Arizona. The CEO says that the company will complete tests soon and expects that cars will be available to the public in coming 18 months.

We will keep you updated about Uber self driving cars, so keep visiting.