USPS Tracking: What Shippers Must Know

Shipping products to your consumers is a critical process that needs you to be careful and ensure the products get delivered to the right person and in the correct location. USPS tracking helps you follow up with every step of the shipping process until the package gets delivered to your customer.

Before you ship the package, you need to get an order number or a USPS tracking number from the post office staff. It is typically a 16-digit number, and the digit numbers vary based on the service you’re using.

Meaning, you will get different tracking numbers when using various services. Once you get the tracking number or order number, ensure that you label your packages well to create good visibility during tracking. Here is everything you need to know about USPS tracking.

How to Track USPS Shipments

There are multiple processes to track your package when using USPS shipping. First, you can visit the USPS website using a tracking portal such as

The site is easily accessible from anywhere through your phone, email, or text, and the option you use depends on your package’s destination. For instance, if it is within the country, you can use, but for domestic packages, you can go to

Once you access the site, enter your order number and track the progress of your item. Apart from the USPS website, you can also use the USPS mobile app supported by iOS and Android.

Send a text message with your order number to 28777 (2USPS) or call the customer care support team via 1-800-222-181. However, note that the customer care team may not provide any additional information apart from what is on the site because they do not have access to any other information source.

You can also turn on updates on your USPS profile on the website to get automatic text or email concerning your item’s progress. USPS machines sort all items automatically depending on the origin, shape status, size, class, and destination. This way, the USPS address validation can be read by the machines automatically.

What Shippers Must Know about USPS Tracking

USPS Shipping for Priority Domestic Packages

If you want to send a domestic item and want it delivered faster, you can opt for Priority Mail. This option helps you deliver your item quickly and economically. You are allowed to send an item that is below 70lbs within the US. If you have a large parcel that cant ship via First-Class Mail, you can go for Priority mail.

USPS Expected Shipping Changes Due to COVID-19

Today, there is limited transportation available due to the current pandemic impact. In this case, USPS items may take more time to get delivered. This affects both First-Class packages and Postal Service Priority Mail.

Below is the detailed information.

  • The current commitment in delivering packages within two and three days with Priority Mail will now take three and four days, respectively.
  • Every customer continues to enjoy improved product tracking services and up to $50 in free insurance.
  • There is no effect on USPS First-Class Mail. However, the two and three-day tracking commitment has now gone up to three and four days, respectively.
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