Back of the HTC DLX
Image Credit: AndroidCentral
Image Credit: AndroidCentral

These are the first set of images for a Verizon branded HTC DLX. Although nothing has been officially released from either Verizon or HTC, their source claims to have had hands on time with the device and provided a plethora of spec information on the unannounced device. According to AndoidCentral, in addition to the Verizon branding, the device sports a 4G LTE and Beats Audio logos, which should come as no surprise to anyone following HTC’s recent product lineup.

HTC DLX Coming Soon from Verizon

Although nothing has been officially announced from either company, the source has stated the device will likely be launched around Thanksgiving in the U.S. but no other details were avaialable for international launch dates. With the recent announcement of the HTC One X+, a device intended to compete with current generation devices like the Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note 2, the company seems intent on keeping the momentum moving with new devices.

The HTC DLX for Verizon also features physical buttons directly below the screen in typical HTC One X style. In addition to the Back, Home, and Recent buttons you should expect the standard top side power button, volume rocker, and side charge/connector port. The dark red highlights should also seem familiar to those who have used Verizon branded phones in the past. The back of the device reportedly has a feel and style similar to the Droid Incredible 2, with soft touch over polycarbonate, and the same speaker as the One X.

Back of the HTC DLX
Image Credit: AndroidCentral

The HTC DLX is rumored to support a full 1080p resolution screen, this time on a full 5-inch display. This model marks the first entry by HTC of a 5-inch display, breaking away from the One X 4.7-inch display model. The source is presuming a Super LCD 2, already a staple of the HTC lineup.

Image Credit: AndroidCentral

HTC is expected to start rolling out Android 4.1.1 with Sense 4+ sometime this month, and the HTC DLX is expected to ship with the same software package. The OS will run on a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 1.5GHz, and 2GB of memory. The device is also expected to ship with 16GB of on-board storage, though no word as to whether it will support the Dropbox upgrade like the One X. A non-removable 2500 mAh battery is expected as well according to the spec information released by an HTC insider under the username Football.

Are you excited that Verizon has picked up a new HTC device? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Hell yea.. HTC has the potential to be one of the best brands out there they just need to keep up to date with these other phones. Imma have to get this dlx

  2. Very excited. I like the HTC devices for several reasons.
    1. HTC Sync is smooth and very effective at keeping my phone’s contacts, calendar, pics & videos in sync with my POP3 Outlook on my laptop (we do not have an exchange server)
    2. HTC browser does a marvelous job of text reflow when zooming in on a website.
    3. Sense UI seems very smooth and intuitive to me. I have owned the Incredible, then Moto Bionic (I hated that phone and paid the $35 to return it) and now the Incredible2.
    4. The QWERTY keyboard and predictive text are awesome. I downloaded SwiftKey3 onto my DINC2 to test after handling a friends RAZR (hated the keyboard). It was ok but it was sluggish and so the haptic feedback had latency, making it very difficult to use. LOVE the HTC keyboard for typing.
    5. I can’t remember all the little things that the Sense UI makes easier but I have noticed (when tinkering with other phones) things that other phones can’t seem to do, or do as well, but seemingly very little that others do that I wish my DINC2 could.

    I went to the VZW store to buy the Moto RAZR Maxx HD on launch day but the lack of text reflow and embedded Sync utility were show stoppers for me. I also was wary of the “coarseness” of the power button and volume rockers. It seemed that Moto wanted them to be very easy to locate by feel but they seem like they may wear a hole in something over time (like my leather belt holster or my pants if they are not covered by the holster or a ladies purse). Not a big deal but they seemed to “sharp” to me.

    I liked the RAZR Maxx HD but am settled on waiting for the HTC DLX.

  3. It all depends. Will the phone be a global phone like the galaxy note 2? Is the internal memory upgradable? Would the phone have a bootlock loader?

  4. My main concern is the 16GB storage and NO microSD support. The Japanese version has a smaller battery (2020mAh) but it has a microSD slot for up to 32GB so they might take off the SD slot for a (slightly) better battery…

  5. HTC is always ahead of the other smartphone companies in tech innovation, the company just doesn’t promote or advertise it’s phone’s features much.

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