Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said just days ago that “With unlimited [data], it’s the physics that breaks it. If you allow unlimited usage, you just run out of gas.” McAdam also predicted that unlimited data plans would come to an end eventually, considering that carriers only have so much data to offer on their individual networks. To McAdam, at least, unlimited data is akin to infinite data: it sounds good on paper, but doesn’t work in practice.

He may have meant this statement, but Verizon may have had a change of heart.

Verizon unlimited data plan offer due to software glitch
Verizon’s exclusive Motorola Droid Ultra. Image Credit: Android Central

Actually, it was more of a change of physics that led to Verizon’s supposed “change of heart.” A glitch (see, here’s the physics part) is what led to Verizon’s supposed unlimited data offering just this past weekend. That’s right: as of this past weekend, Verizon offered customers upgrading to a new 2-year contract an unlimited data option by way of a “software issue.” Verizon issued the following statement as of yesterday, according to Engadget:

Over the past weekend, there was a software issue involving some orders for customers seeking to upgrade their devices. A number of customers who were upgrading devices were able to maintain an unlimited monthly data feature while paying a subsidized price. Verizon Wireless will honor those orders that were approved this past weekend, allowing those customers to retain their unlimited plans for the duration of their contract and receive their new device.

Verizon Wireless corrected this software issue today (9/30). The company no longer offers unlimited data plans and customers who want to retain existing unlimited data plans, must pay full retail price for a replacement phone.

There you have it, folks: no more unlimited data glitch opportunities ahead. Well, one can always dream.

If only Verizon’s software glitch was permanent…