3 Best Tools for Downloading SoundCloud Music

Soundcloud is one of the best music streaming platforms because of the number of remixes, mashups, covers, and original compositions you can find on that platform. Those who love listening to these remixes, mashups, covers, and original compositions find it hard to listen to them without internet access.

There are several tools out there that will bring your Soundcloud music entertainment to another level because you can listen to any songs you like anywhere you go. Keep in mind that your goal is to download soundcloud music for free, but you should never forget that the downloader shouldn’t reduce the quality and the volume of the track.

Moreover, there are also plenty of downloaders out there that can force open new tabs in your browser, clicking in the wrong area can cause viruses to take over your device. Usually, what you should look for in the best downloader is that you can also download the playlist, and can choose the format and quality. Thus, here are the three best tools for downloading SoundCloud music.


SoundCloudtoMp3.App is one of the first tools you can surely rely on because you can download songs extremely fast without having to worry about invasive advertisements. Another reason why this is one of the best tools for downloading SoundCloud music is that the format is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Although SoundCloudtoMp3.App is a browser-based downloading tool, and the download speed is fast compared to other browser-based tools that have download speed limiters. Besides the occasional glitches and instability of the site, you can still consider SoundCloudtoMP3.App to be one of the best tools overall due to its quick, reliable service.


9xbuddy.org is also an excellent tool for downloading SoundCloud music because you can see the size of the file before you download the track. Although the browser-based downloader contains quite a few invasive advertising, they aren’t a nuisance because you can only see them displayed on the top-right side.

As soon as you visit 9xbuddy.org, you will immediately see that the site also supports other streaming services, which also means that the website can be unstable at times. However, you won’t have to worry about having a slow internet connection when downloading because the tracks will be on standard definition. You get the original track’s size and quality.


KlickAud is similar to SoundCloudtoMP3.App and 9xbuddy.org because it’s also an online SoundCloud downloader. The only feature that makes KlickAud different from the other two downloading tools is that you can download SoundCloud playlists. If you can download playlists, you’re saving yourself from the hassle of downloading your favorite songs one by one.

The reason why KlickAud only came third because it only supports Android devices, which means iOS users will have to find another way to download their favorite tracks. Setting aside all the troubles you’ll face with using KlickAud, the convert and download process of the tool is pretty fast, given that it’ll only take you a few seconds per track.


There are individual tracks in SoundCloud that you can download by registering and signing in on the platform, and clicking the three dots on the landing page of the song. However, never keep your hopes up because it’s rare to find songs that you can download straight from SoundCloud itself. Thus, finding the best downloading tool is vital.

Moreover, you can never rely on every free SoundCloud downloading tool out there since they might cause you and your device all the troubles. For you to keep safe and to enjoy your offline music entertainment in peace, you can undoubtedly rely on SoundCloudtoMp3.App, 9xbuddy.org, and KlickAud.

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