Video Call feature to be added on WhatsApp
Video Call feature to be added on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been busy with adding several prominent features to its messaging service. Quite earlier, WhatsApp was said to have added voicemail,call back and a secure file folder ‘zip file sharing support’to its service. The latest leak recently shows that the company is decided to make the availability of video calls along with other features.

According to Android Police report, WhatsApp is looking ahead to include the video call feature. The translate requests were sent by WhatsAppincludes a line that says, “Video call,” and “Video calling is unavailable at this time.” The line clearly shows that by very short time earlier,the company is aimed at an addition of the video call feature to WhatsApp.

A further report says that the video call feature can be accessed on selected devices which are running beta app but it is a pending matter whether to make it available to common users. Yet, it’s not clear whether the WhatsApp video call feature will be unveiled to the general public or not, or will the feature be available in a gradual manner, only to users with invites as well as to the WhatsAppvoice-calling feature. Basically, the WhatsApp voice call feature was only available to a very short number of users with invites.

Another report says that Facebook’s WhatsApp is about to adoption for sending group invites through NFC tags as well as another way to send invites by links and QR codes. Moreover, the report used for translation requests and the leaked screenshots have been adding that the company is looking ahead to expand the ways through which members of a restricted group can invite other WhatsApp users to accept the joining request.

Last but not the least, last month; a report said that the company was engaged in the process of preparing a plan to add a ‘call-back’ feature on WhatsApp for Android and iOS that would ensure the allowance of users to call back friends with just a single click of a button in spite opening of the app software. While the messaging service was also reported to bring voicemail feature to iOS platform, this would allow users to record voicemails and send them to other contacts.

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