There are many programs available online where you can make comparisons. However, this opportunity is quickly becoming a thing of the past as service providers off comparison are starting to realize the market potential.

Making free comparison software is a wonderful tool; however, many people have been disappointed in the services that offer free comparison because of the fact that most of these services only allow you to make comparison between their recommended.

There is a free comparison service online that will allow you to make free side by side compare from the best VoIP available in the market nowadays.

This particular free service is called Voiptoners.

Voiptoners allows you to make free ping and speed test to many locations in the United States. You can make a call to any business in the United States, any home in the United States, and any cell phone in the United States. If you need to call a business, an individual, or a cell phone in Canada, you may also do so for free. If you must call a location other than Canada or the United States, you can do so for free if you are calling a computer. However, if you want to call a business, individual, or a cell phone outside of Canada and the United States, you will be required to pay a small fee in order to do so.

Chances are, after reading the above information; you are a little bit interested in this service, but are unsure of how it works. That is the easy part! Voiptoners do not require you to download any software. Since you are using the computer and the dialer together to make calls, you are using VoIP.

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol“. Basically, this is the ability to take voice data and transform it into little packets of information that can be sent over the internet to other computers, and landline systems. VoIP systems are very inexpensive, therefore allowing free and discounted calling services to millions of people around the world.

Voiptoners’ Speed Test Tool

The “speed test software” that you access from the Voiptoners website will display various kinds of nearest service provider. If you have a business, and would like to gain more exposure for your products, or the services that you offer, Voiptoners is a great way to do so!

In making sure that your broadband speed is up to the standard to receive clear crystal voice call using the VoIP.

You can purchase the recommended business VoIP provider to promote your SME. Check on their comprehensive review what others have to offer. If they are able to find use for your products, or the services that you offer, you can click on the link to get the service require.

Choosing Voiptoners will help you to reduce the time and effort in searching for the most suitable VoIP providers for your small business. This is a benefit of using Voiptoners.

However, with Voiptoners, you are limited to a mere 10 top VoIP services around which is carefully pick and selected from a stringent process and testing.

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