VR Technology

Virtual reality has long been touted as the next great achievement since the mid-1990s. But the forecasts have not yet been fully fulfilled. The progress has been impressive, but not enough to seduce the masses. Nevertheless, VR enjoys an ever-increasing audience and interest, with the headsets have improved drastically over the years. The online casino industry has recognized this technology and sees the potential value of setting up live casinos that can take advantage of virtual reality.

While playing in a mobile online casino is currently where it is, the introduction of VR casinos will allow such operators to provide players with the ultimate immersive experience and even sports betting, which is best to attempt after you read the 22bet sportsbook best tips before attempting..Online casinos have always had the advantage that they are a convenient alternative to traditional live casino games, but with VR, these operators could finally offer something that poses a real challenge and competes with traditional casinos.

Social interaction

Apart from the ability to win cash, online gambling has always created a social environment for players to interact with each other. This is something that mobile casinos on the Internet have not been able to replicate. Modern VR technology allows players to create avatars to enter the casino. Advertisers are also getting into the action, with the casino’s floor being provided with various commercials – something that doesn’t seem out of place in a virtual reality casino.

Careful care ensures that everything looks like you’re in a physical casino, and since everything has been digitized and taken from the actual environment, you could find yourself at slot machines in Las Vegas or Macau. VR also brings a new perspective to customer service, as customer service staff can now become avatars and go to the casino to help players with any questions.

A new way to play online casinos

Due to the fact that VR can offer so much more than any 2D environment, game content producers need to take full advantage of the medium and actually rethink the concept of the live casino games. For example, a slot game about ancient Egypt can allow the player to explore this world in detail. If the player decides to place a bet on virtual sports, the designer should allow them to have the jockey’s perspective while the horse is running around on the track. The player not only bets on the horse but also on how he or she is riding it.

Additional sources of income

In a virtual space, advertising can definitely feel at home. Businesses can be arranged with online casino operators to carefully and unobtrusively carry out product placements around the casino’s virtual environment. Brands and logos can be a lot of competition for digital real estate, and who knows, maybe even lobbying to name certain parts of the casino after them.

The revenue potential from advertising can also serve to further fund the technology behind virtual reality, which ultimately leads to an even better gaming experience. Quality is the most important attribute that operators need to focus on. If the player makes the experience in the virtual environment as he deems it worthy,

What you need to know about VR casinos

Virtual reality has also gripped the online gambling halls. VR casinos offer the best mix of online casinos and flight to Las Vegas. Below is an overview of the new world and what you need to clear up poker at the VR Casino.

Whom are VR casinos aimed at?

In principle to all those who want virtual game worlds, the game selection is already so large that there is something for almost every taste (more on this below). The fear of going out empty is, therefore, unjustified.

Some of the visitors are gamers who simply want virtual worlds. For them, the online casino is an additional world that they can enter and perhaps even leave with a bundle of bills. Another part is people who fancy typical casino games such as online roulette or online blackjack but don’t feel comfortable with “normal” online casinos. You miss the typical environment and society that you will find in a real casino. In fact, nothing comes as close to the real experience as a virtual evening at the VR casino. Another advantage is that the saved travel costs can be used as a use (and multiplied with a little luck).

Why is this trend only coming now?

Virtual reality isn’t entirely new. The first iGames were released in the 1990s. However, the technology was not enough at the time to provide a realistic experience. Now it is. “The fault” is powerful computers as well as game consoles like the Playstation VR. In short, the clientele was there decades ago. However, she had to wait a long time before she got the experience she had hoped for.

What games are available in the VR Casino?

First of all, it is a mistake that you can only play poker or online blackjack in the VR casino. In Las Vegas, countless vending machines are next to the tables. The same is true in the virtual world. Of course, the classics occupy an important place. Currently, there are implementations of popular slot games as well as skill games of all kinds. Plus, the typical suspects like Skat, online roulette, various poker variants and much more.

It becomes especially interesting when the developers transplant legendary slot games into completely new environments—beating the one-armed bandits? Playing poker aboard a star destroyer with Darth Vader and the Imperator? Here only the imagination(and the plans of the game manufacturers)set limits.

Are there avatars there?

Naturally! In fact, the selection of avatars is already huge! This is fun and guarantees anonymity. If you want to rip off your boss undetected, you can do so at any time. Provided the boss is present at the VR casino on the same evening. Tip: Befriending the secretary can open many doors. Maybe she convinces him to treat himself to a round of poker in the virtual world. After that, it’s easy to get the coal from him for unpaid overtime. At least if he can’t play well.

Can I enjoy multiplayer games in the VR casino?

But for sure! It is even possible to make an appointment with your own friends there. The prerequisite is that everyone has the necessary technical equipment. After that, nothing stands in the way of the joint gaming evening. If the pals don’t have time, it won’t be boring: game enthusiasts from all over the world are already meeting there. And you don’t even have to be able to speak English or any other foreign language: there is already a large community of players in your mother tongue who regularly go there. And there is more every day.

How does communication with the other players work?

For the best VR experience, a headset with microphone and headphones should be available. In this case, you hear the other players and can talk to them as if they were in the same room. By the way, your privacy is protected: the other players can’t see what you see on your VR glasses.

What equipment do I need for a VR casino?

Virtual reality places high demands on the performance and equipment of the computer. First, the idea of enjoying VR on the screen doesn’t work. The reason is the high frame rate required here. For a realistic experience, a frequency of 90 fps (frames per second) is required. Commercialdesktop computers, however, only manage 60. The result is a jerky image, but the VR headset elegantly solves this problem. You can also move your head and look around the virtual world. The standard solutions are called Vive, Oculus and Playstation VR.

Your computer should have at least one Intel Core i5 processor. Even faster computing cores are certainly not a disadvantage. There should also be at least two USB 3 ports and support. In addition, there is an HMD and a 1.3 HDMI adapter. As an operating system, you need Windows 7 SP1 / 10 or subsequent versions.

The question remains about the controller, and traditional game controllers aren’t enough for VR. Better is a data glove. Keep in mind that your controller must be able to transmit motion seamlessly. Such a data glove is a small marvel: it has bio-sensors that recognize the hand. As soon as you put on the glove, you’re in the game!

What if I don’t have the full equipment?

Most games can be played without virtual reality glasses. In particular, Vr casino games are designed to be played with the keyboard, a joystick or similar controllers. If you don’t have VR glasses, you’ll use the screen. Communication via headphones and microphones can also be replaced via chat functions. In sum, however, there is no experience of a virtual world in which you are free to commit. However, you don’t have to stay outside if you lack the necessary equipment. More than the necessary equipment it is essential that you read helpful information like guides on online roulette, for example.

Do I need to download VR games?

No. As the name suggests, online casino games can be played online. For VR games, you’ll need a special app. Most VR casinos offer them for free download.

How do I leave the virtual world?

To end the VR game in an online casino, it is sufficient to press the ESC key on the computer. After that, all you have to do is confirm that you really want to stop. This prevents you from flying out of a game because you accidentally press the wrong button.

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