For those of you who are yet to get your Xbox One consoles due to everywhere being out of stock, you might want to stop reading now.

And for those of you who like seeing stuff shot and blown up, have I got a video for you. Here is a guy called Richard Ryan from RatedRR who decided to put the Xbox One against a .50 cal bullet as well as 16-foot of detonation cord.

Ryan’s series of “technology versus .50 caliber rifle bullets” was previously applied to a PS4, which didn’t stand up too well, but with the Xbox One now available, Ryan decided to repeat the test, with a twist.

This isn’t just any blow-it-up video, it’s an articulated and calculated scientific test, setup to precision to now only have a .50cal hit the Xbox One, but also have detonation cord hit it at the same time. The 8 minute long video goes through the process of how to calculate the exact length and speed of each component to result in a near perfect double hit.

The test was set up so that the .50cal round breaks through the cord ignition target and ignites the beginning of the detonation cord. That cord that combines the velocity of the detonation with the bullet to see which one destroys the console first.

The whole thing is captured in super slow motion and is probably one of the best videos I have watched for a while. Check it out below.

Xbox One Shootout


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