Price: Free   Score: 8/10   Genre: Weather

Unlike its iPredecessors, the iPad does not come packaged with a weather app. This is probably for the best, as a bevy of other third party apps more than provide everything iPad owners need to know when it comes to current and predicted weather conditions.

The Weather Channel is one of many of these options, and its free price tag and content heavy approach to weather make this an app that’s difficult to beat.

Rather than simply pull the blue touch scrollable content so many users are so familiar with from the Weather Channel iPhone app, The Weather Channel has decided to add social media integration and select television programming, as well as live “current condition” shots and touch anywhere to see the weather components to its already existing current, hourly, and ten day forecast display. The result is a hearty weather experience that’s suitable for quick reference and more immersive experiences.

The lowermost bar gives users the choice to explore the weather on maps, scroll through their local forecast, watch regional videos, check on severe weather alerts, connect with The Weather Channel team on Twitter, and see segments of what’s on TV. Surprisingly, my favorite component by far is the Social element. Though I never really thought to care before, now every time I check the weather I pop over to the social tab to see what Stephanie Abrams, Al Roker, and the rest of the team is up to. It’s a nice touch, and a little extra, unexpected reason to chose Weather Channel Max over some other weather app.

The Weather Channel’s only real pitfall is the fact that it’s doused with Toyota ads. Even if Toyota is the singular force behind the zero dollar app price, the two brands could have teamed up to create a less invasive, less interruptive experience. Some users will probably ditch this and pay for an app that’s ad free, but for those that don’t mind it, The Weather Channel for iPad is a practical, easy to use app with up to date information and weather highlights from around the country.

Bottom Line: A user friendly weather app with nice features and great integration with video and social media outlets. You can’t beat the free price tag. 8/10

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