What are the 4 top leading Baccarat trends?

Baccarat is known as the most elegant casino game. This game is chosen to set Hollywood movies like the James Bond Casino Royale. According to reports from recent years, in 2019, Baccarat’s revenue in Macau (Gambling capital in the world) was 12.15 billion dollars.

Baccarat is generally a high roller game, with minimum bets of $25 or $50. Still, after the popularity of online gambling, mini-Baccarat tables are available with low bets, and even with mobile clients to play on the go.

These are all indicators of the game’s massive popularity, that is why so many strategies have been developed. We must highlight that Baccarat is a casino game, and the house always has a built-in edge.

However, analyzing trends as a strategy can result in a way to play not only profitable but fun, which is another added value to playing casino games: the opportunity of making some money while having a great time.

But before we get into it, you need to be able to read a Baccarat scoreboard, that sheet with red and blue circles that you’ve undoubtedly seen on the tables. 

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How to read a Baccarat scoreboard?

A Baccarat scoreboard is a sheet where the results of each hand are recorded. It’s divided into several sections, and in this article, we will focus on “the Big Road,” the oldest and easiest to understand.

Now virtually all casinos have screens that automatically fill in the Baccarat scoreboard, and the information is available to all players. However, in brick and mortar casinos, it’s common to see players with a piece of paper and pens, either because they prefer the old school or do not trust new technologies.

The scoreboard has a basic legend:

  • Blue circle: the player wins;
  • Red circle: the banker wins;
  • Greenline: tie.

There are more symbols, but these are not necessary to identify baccarat trends. Now, how do you fill a Baccarat scoreboard?

If the player wins, a blue circle is drawn. If he wins again, another blue circle is added below the first one. And the process is repeated until the banker wins. Then, a new column begins with a red circle, and so on.

So, if you see a column with three blue circles followed by another with two red circles, it means the player won three hands in a row, and after that, the banker won two.

What if the hand is a tie? A green line is drawn in the last circle, and the result is basically ignored.

What is a Baccarat trend?

Now that you can read a Baccarat scoreboard, it’s time to check out what a trend is. As its name implies, a trend is a series of results that follow a pattern. Of course, trends can only be identified by looking back, but there is a common belief that a pattern can represent what will happen in the future.

Here we must remind the gambler’s fallacy, which is the belief that the result of an individual event depends on past results rather than being statistically independent.

The first thing you need to identify a Baccarat trend is a scoreboard filled with the latest outcomes. The results on the sheets are used to identify trends.

What are the four most crucial trends in Baccarat?

The most famous Baccarat trends are:

ZigZag Zone

A ZigZag trend draws a pattern in which the player and the banker flip the results one after the other. In other words, the player wins one hand and the banker wins the next one. 

Of course, the trend can be broken every time one of the participants wins two hands in a row, but after that, the trend starts again. 

Now that you’ve identified a ZigZag trend, what should you do? You should always bet on the opposite of the last result.

Streaky Bankers and Players

A streak is when a result is repeated many times. For example, the player wins five hands, then the banker wins six hands, etc. An easy way to spot a streak is to check the first line of the scoreboard; it’s usually filled with one or two circles followed by a long column with many circles of the same color.

When you spot a streak, you should bet on the last result until the trend changes.

Trend Switching

A complex trend. The scoreboard can show a zigzag followed by a player streak, only to see another zigzag. The problem here is that deciding how to act is not easy, because when you start a betting pattern based on the latest results, the trend suddenly changes to a completely different one.

Regardless, catching a trend-reversal pattern is an excellent indicator that you are mastering the game.

Hovering State

A trend that is not a trend. After seeing the results of many hands, it is not possible to identify a zigzag or a streak, so you cannot implement a betting strategy. There are two ways to act when facing a hovering state.

One is to bet against the latest possible result of the trend result, and the other is to act defensively and wait for a clear trend to emerge.

Are Baccarat trends profitable?

Baccarat trends are more fun than profitable. Generally speaking, it’s possible to benefit from a clear trend, something that can also be called a lucky hunch: benefit from random events that apparently correlate with each other.

But don’t let the fun part fall on deaf ears. Casino games are supposed to be fun, and when you experience the feeling of winning because your trend analysis is correct, the final result at the tables won’t matter because you will feel like a real champ.

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