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What Features You’d Need in a Display Ad Builder?



What Features You'd Need in a Display Ad Builder?

Display advertising is a type of Internet advertising that uses images and videos to promote your product and services. Display ads can be shown on Facebook, Google Ads network, or relevant 3rd party websites as banners or text ads.

A display ad builder is a useful tool that allows you to create and modify ad copies across multiple ad groups. With a few clicks, you can make thousands of ads and also ensure their freshness. Here we have discussed some essential features that should be part of your ad builder tool.

Multiple Shapes

The display ad builder should allow you to create banner ads of any shape and size.  It should automatically format your ad to the set dimensions. The multiple-shaped ads feature would allow you to use digital assets like your company’s logo and images in your ads and help produce quality ads in less time.  

Support for Rich Media 

Rich media makes your ads more effective. It refers to the inclusion of audio, video, and other creative elements in the ads to increase audience engagement.  Rich media unleashes the full potential of HTML5 and allows you to create ads for different advertising campaigns. HTML5 ads are an excellent alternative to video ads. They are smaller in size, simple to build, are coded, and customizable. 

Creative Templates 

One of the hardest parts of designing ads is marketers don’t understand where to start. Building an advertisement from scratch is an overwhelming thing. Templates simplify ad creation. They provide developers with a ready-made structure to implement creative ideas. 

The platform you choose should provide you with a comprehensive collection of creative templates of different formats and types. Creative templates allow developers to create a cohesive campaign to paint a bigger picture of your brand. Anyone can use these HTML5 templates and create ads. This saves valuable time, and you can devote time to other essential aspects of the ad campaign.  

Different Types of Ad

In-Feed Ads 

In-feed Ads advertising is an effective form of Native Advertising.  These ads can be customized to match the look and feel of your content. The ad display builder should offer functionality that allows you to connect data feeds to the display ads.  In simple words, the display ads will automatically pull data for the elements in the ad. 

Automation plays a vital role in advertising. It ensures the target audience is never fed with outdated information that decreases the effectiveness of the ads. The in-feed ads show updated relevant information depending on who watches it. It may include a change in the price of the product or anything related to the product. 

Dynamic Ads 

Dynamic ads are based on behavioral targeting. These forms of ads are based on previous Internet actions of the user. The ad builder should allow the integration of external sources of information with display ads.  

Dynamic ads depend on external sources of information. The ad’s design and content are influenced by external sources, such as the viewer’s language, time of the day, and weather.

Users like to view ads based on their current state. The ad builder should support Dynamic ads creation and delivery to increase engagement with the target audience. 

Support for Geofencing Advertising 

Improvement in tracking technology allows you to track and follow people around the Internet. Geofencing Advertising refers to applying a virtual boundary to a specific location. Whenever a mobile device enters or leaves this virtual boundary, particular rules are applied.  

Geo-lookup technology can find customers based on their physical locations. The display ad builder should support geofencing advertising that allows you to target people closer to your business.  

The platform should enable marketers to set a radius pool around desired business locations, customer’s addresses, competitor’s business locations, or retail locations.  The ad builder platform should also allow you to define your target.   


Retargeting refers to targeting audiences who have already purchased your products or interacted with you in the past. The feature enables marketers to create customized ads relevant to customers’ needs so they can progress ahead to make a buying decision. 


Reporting campaign insights allows marketers to know about performing and non-performing elements of the ad campaign. The ad builder platform should provide intelligent reporting tools that will enable you to refine and enhance your marketing campaigns.

To sum up, an ad builder is a useful marketing tool that allows you to build customized ads to target customers for improved conversions. The post has listed the essential features needed to create and deliver display ads for higher efficacy.